Call for Proposals for Research that Promotes Youths' Healthy Development

April 29, 2010 — Youth-Nex, a new University of Virginia center based at the Curry School of Education, is seeking proposals from faculty members across Grounds that promote effective development in youth. They are due May 14.

Preference will be given to applications led by investigators from two different disciplines or units of the University, or by a U.Va. faculty member in collaboration with a community organization or institution.

A central component of Youth-Nex is to conduct research on factors that can enhance healthy development and prevent or reduce health-related, psychological and social risk among youth. As part of this effort, the center intends to fund up to four seed projects (maximum $40,000 per award) by May 30.

The center seeks proposals describing work that will directly lead to the development of grant applications for external funding in the near future. The center will select projects that examine critical influences on youth morbidity and mortality, including health behaviors, violence, school achievement and completion, substance use, risk-taking, and self-care and management.

Priority will be given to proposals that combine methods to address questions about the process (e.g., peer relations, identity development, socio-emotional development) and outcomes (e.g., academic achievement, physical health) of youth development in environmental contexts (e.g., schools/classrooms, health care systems, neighborhoods, peer groups, after-school or mentoring programs, sports programs).

Proposals are limited to 10 single-spaced pages and must include a statement of purpose, the hypotheses, research design and analytic plan, budget (up to 65 percent of the requested budget can be devoted to faculty support), timeline for completion (up to 12 months post-award), brief (half page or less) biographical summaries of the applicant co-principal investigators and co-investigators, and the specific external funding enhancement that is provided by this seed money.

Applications should be submitted via email to Questions should be directed to Patrick Tolan, director of the center.