Celebrating Live, Improv Jazz on U.Va.'s Community Radio Station WTJU 91.1 FM During Sept. 26-Oct. 2 Marathon

September 19, 2011 — WTJU, the University of Virginia's community radio station, is holding its "Jazz Lives Here" pledge drive Sept. 26-Oct 2.

The station will feature live studio performances and 'round-the-clock jazz and blues specials all week at 91.1 FM and WTJU.net. WTJU kicks off the marathon with a jazz mini-film fest at Random Row Bookstore at 315 W. Main St. on Sept. 25.

"For us at WTJU, jazz is live. Jazz is improvised. To hear a jazz performance is to be a part of an amazing, ephemeral, mad act of creation. Jazz is a living thing," said David Eisenman, WTJU's jazz and blues director. "The beauty of our annual marathons is that the programming is never the same – it's as spontaneous as the musicians we feature."

WTJU will air live, in-studio performances in one-of-a-kind sessions each evening of the marathon from 7 to 9 p.m. Other programs throughout the week will focus on some of the most important live recordings in the history of jazz.

"To keep this exciting, living, spontaneous programming alive, WTJU needs your support," said WTJU General Manager Nathan Moore. "WTJU has been the Charlottesville area's home for jazz for many years. The annual jazz marathon is one of our key fundraisers that make our work possible."

WTJU invites listeners to get in the mood for jazz with three classic short jazz films at Random Row Bookstore, on Sept. 25 from 5 to 7 p.m. Titles include "The Cradle is Rocking," "Jazz Parades" (an Alan Lomax film) and "International Sweethearts of Rhythm."
Special guests and scheduled shows during WTJU's Jazz Marathon include:
•    Live performance by The Free Bridge Quintet with John D'earth, Jeff Decker, Robert Jospe, Pete Spaar and special guest, Hod O'Brien
•    Guitarists Charlie Pastorfield, Conrad Drennon and Too Many Guitars, Aric Van Brocklin and Steve Briggs
•    The return of host Tom Morgan, aka "The Bartender"
•    Saxophonist Michael Elswick
•    Acoustic bluesmen Ralph Rush, Jack Roy and Mississippi Concur
•    Gypsy swing from the Rick Olivarez Trio

The full schedule of live performances and jazz marathon specials is at WTJU.net.

WTJU encourages listeners to donate online at WTJU.net , or by calling 434-924-3959 during the marathon. All donations are tax-deductible, and go a long way to ensuring WTJU stays strong and independent.
WTJU presents original, rich and diverse programming of music and other forms of expression free from the direct constraints of commercial interests, reflecting the broadest educational goals of the University of Virginia.

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