Correction sent to the Washington Post on May 13, 2010, in response to its May 8 story, "Accused U-Va. player George Huguely attacked sleeping student, teammates say"

I am writing in reference to the story headlined "Accused U.Va. player George Huguely attacked sleeping student, teammates say" that ran in the Saturday, May 8, Washington Post.
In that story, it was reported from anonymous sources that University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely attacked a sleeping teammate in February 2009. It was also reported from anonymous sources that U.Va. lacrosse Coach Dom Starsia knew about the incident and disciplined the two players, but allowed them to play in the next game.
This is an inaccurate account.
Influenced by The Washington Post's error, reporters in other media have in some instances mistakenly reported this as a story about some mishandling on Coach Starsia's part. It is not that.
The University has learned that on the Monday following the Saturday night attack by Mr. Huguley on his teammate, both players went together to meet with Coach Starsia and informed him that they had gotten into a "scuffle." They said that they wanted him to be aware of it, but that they had worked things out and everything was OK between them.
At no time did either player disclose to Coach Starsia the underlying facts or gravity of what had actually occurred between them.
Coach Starsia asked the players if they wanted to discuss the incident further, but both declined, repeating that they were OK and had worked things out. They told him that they shared the blame for what had happened and had apologized to one another.
Because the other student had a bruised eye, Coach Starsia asked him to stay behind after Mr. Huguely departed. At that time he asked the student if there was something more he wanted to discuss regarding the incident. The student declined to go into any detail, again saying that the two had resolved their differences.
A University official also has spoken with this now former student and he has corroborated the description of events provided by Coach Starsia.
Coach Starsia's father died the day before the Post story appeared. The coach was, understandably, unavailable to clarify the facts surrounding the event.
With an active criminal investigation still being conducted, the University must respect the judicial process and will not comment on the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the death of Yeardley Love. Nevertheless, because of the inaccuracy of this particular report, the University has an obligation to correct it now.

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