Darden Professors in Top One Percent

March 2, 2009 — An article in the Journal of Management places two professors from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business in an elite club.

Out of some 25,000 scholars from around the world, Darden's Jay Bourgeois and Scott Snell were recognized as being among the top 150 most-cited scholars to have published in the field of management over the past 25 years.

The study covered research that was published in the top 30 management journals and gauged the influence of university affiliation as well as authorship. The University of Virginia ranked 64th out of the 1,693 universities included.

The authors of the study defined management as strategy, management science, personnel and human resources, leadership, general management, industrial and labor relations, entrepreneurship, decision sciences, operations management, organizational behavior, organization theory, organization development and change, international management, technology and innovation, and research methods.

"This is a wonderful honor for professors Bourgeois and Snell, two excellent classroom teachers who are also world-class researchers," said Darden's Dean Bob Bruner. "It is also further evidence of Darden's commitment to research and thought leadership."

The article, "Scholarly influence in the field of Management: A bibliometric analysis of the determinants of university and author impact on the management literature in the past quarter century," appeared in the August 2008 edition of the Journal of Management.

Founded in 1955, the Darden School of Business improves society by developing principled leaders in the world of practical affairs.