Don’t Trash it, Recycle It

November 17, 2006
Nov. 17, 2006 -- A cell phone charger, a piece of utility pole, part of a drain trap and plastic planters were among the recyclables students pulled from two West Range dumpsters Nov. 15 to raise awareness about recycling.

“The worst part was a pile of leaves,” said Lindsey Daniels, a student employee at the Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources and a director of the student organization Conservation Advocates.

Students spread debris pulled from the dumpsters on plastic sheets in front of Old Cabell Hall, sorting by category. About 50 percent of the material in the dumpsters could have been recycled, said Bruce C. “Sonny” Beale, director of the Division of Recoverable and Disposable Resources. The University recycles about 40 percent of its trash, that translates to 4,173 tons from January to October of this year, at a cost of $45 a ton. Putting the remaining 6,159 tons in the landfill cost the University about $66 a ton, Beale said, adding “There are better places to spend education money than in a hole in the ground.”