With Early Decision Notifications, UVA Welcomes First Cohort of Class of 2027

December 13, 2022 By Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu

Tuesday evening, the University of Virginia sent acceptance notifications to 1,038 students in its early decision application cycle, in which candidates agree to attend the University if accepted.

In all, 4,243 people applied for admission in the early decision cycle, meeting a Nov. 1 application deadline in exchange for early notification of acceptance.

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Portrait of Saad Fayyaz

Saad Fayyaz said he wants to study engineering and business. (Contributed photo)

UVA has two more admissions cycles for the Class of 2027. Notifications for the non-binding early action period will be delivered by Feb. 15. Regular decision notices, also non-binding, will come out by April 1.


Total Offers

Of the 1,038 students admitted in the early decision cycle, 15 are Questbridge scholars – outstanding students from low-income families who are matched with participating schools and awarded full tuition and fees. Notifications were delivered Dec. 1 to the Questbridge Class of 2027.

During early decision, UVA also admitted 20 Virginians in concert with the Posse Foundation, which identifies and trains students who display exceptional leadership skills.

Several of those students already notified expressed excitement at the news.

Saad Fayyaz, a senior at Battlefield High School in Haymarket, said UVA is his “dream school.”

Portrait of Gianna Gatling

Gianna Gatling said she’s looking forward to living in a new culture and meeting new people. (Contributed photo)

When he got notice that his decision was ready, Fayyaz made a beeline for his car so he could be alone when he saw the decision. He sat in his driver’s seat for nearly 10 minutes, mustering the courage to open the message.


Overall Offer Rate

“I mean, oh my God … it took like a little bit for the entire page to load. But I saw the ‘Congratulations.’ And I saw that first sentence and I start screaming. I mean, I started going crazy!” he said. “So, that was probably the most incredible thing that ever happened to me.”

Gianna Gatling of New York had a similar, jaw-dropping reaction. She was in her bedroom babysitting her two younger sisters, 6-year-old Rhea and 1-year-old Inara.

Her mother, Monique, called from her job as a client care coordinator at a shelter for HIV-positive homeless people to see if Gianna had received any news. “I was like, ‘Can you please open it for me? I’m so scared,’” Gianna said, asking her mom to log into the Questbridge portal.

Portrait of Namai Kureishi

Namai Kureishi said she is interested in biology, sociology and political science. (Contributed photo)

“And then she opened it and she was like ‘You got into UVA!’ And then I started crying on my bed and hugging my baby sisters and then they started jumping up and down.”

Namai Kureishi of Hyattsville, Maryland, said she wasn’t expecting to get into UVA.

“And I remember after [getting admitted], I cried for like 30 minutes,” she said. Kureishi had been sick for a week, but the news flipped a switch in her. “My nose cleared up. My sinuses were clear. I was so happy!” she said.


In-State Offer Rate

“Pure joy and surprise” is how Buckingham County native Chance Woodson described his reaction to being admitted to UVA. “I was actually in my dual-enrollment British literature class,” he said. “I just raised my hand and announced to my teacher and my whole class that I had been accepted.” Applause and congratulations followed.

Portrait of Chance Woodson

Chance Woodson wants to major in physics and minor in computer science. (Contributed photo)

In total, the University accepted 697 Virginians and 341 out-of-state students on Tuesday. Virginians had an offer rate of 31%; the offer rate for out-of-state students was 17%. Overall, 24% of applicants were admitted during the early decision cycle.


Out-of-State Offer Rate

The admitted students come from 38 states and 16 countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Peru, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

Hundreds of students not accepted during the early decision were deferred to subsequent cycles. UVA’s goal is to enroll 3,900 students into the Class of 2027.

“Every early decision applicant deserves our deepest gratitude and thanks for putting so much time, effort and heart into their applications,” Dean of Admission Greg Roberts said. “The most enjoyable part of our work is connecting with students and families. Sometimes we meet them in-person when they visit UVA; sometimes we have a conversation in a Zoom chat or through social media. Often, we meet them through the personal stories and journeys they share in their applications. Each applicant is deserving and remarkable in their own way.

94% On-Time Graduation Rate Pleases 100% of Parents, to be great and good in all we do
94% On-Time Graduation Rate Pleases 100% of Parents, to be great and good in all we do

“Our team worked hard to get to know this group of students, collectively and individually, over the last six weeks. Each year we feel inspired and honored and hopeful as we complete our review, and this year is no different,” he added. “Congratulations to the first members of the Class of 2027!”


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