Get Your UVA Zoom Backgrounds Here

Arial view of the Rotunda at sunset in the background with Cav Man in the foreground pointing to the sky

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University of Virginia students, faculty members and staff might be meeting over Zoom, but they still bring plenty of personality to the table.

The videoconferencing software – vaulted to global prominence as the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools and workplaces everywhere to replace in-person meetings with virtual ones – allows users to add their own photos for custom backgrounds.

Those missing UVA and Grounds can choose from some of our favorite images below, whether that’s a sunset shot of the Rotunda from above, or a reminder of the wild Corner celebrations after last year’s national title.

Take a look and download any image you like; all are sized to fit Zoom specifications. To add the image in Zoom, go to Preferences, choose “Virtual Background” and click the plus-sign to add images from your computer.


Dark blue background with a illustrated pennant flag with the word Virginia on it

Wave your (virtual) UVA flag high. (Download this Zoom background)


Blue background with UVA logo evenly spaced out on it

Or, give your own press conference. (Download this Zoom background)


Virginia V on a hardwood basketball floor with only the V in the light

Channel your inner national champion through John Paul Jones Arena. (Download this Zoom background)


Arial View of the Rotunda with a pink, orange, and purple sunset

Enjoy the Lawn at sunset. (Download this Zoom background)


Arial View of the Rotunda and lawn from Cabell hall as the sun creates a yellow and orange sunset

Or this bird’s-eye view at sunrise. (Download this Zoom background)


Looking at the empty stands from the 50 yard line from the opposite sideline

Take in a lecture from the 50-yard line at Scott Stadium. (Download this Zoom background)


Clark hall's hallway that has floor to ceiling painted walls

Revisit the cavernous Clark Hall atrium. (Download this Zoom background)


The Rotunda and Lawn buildings

Settle in with this iconic view. (Download this Zoom background)


Cav Man standing on the side line of a game holding one finger in the air and left hand on his hip

Remember that CavMan is cheering for you. (Download this Zoom background)


Looking at the Lawn from the walkway on the Rotunda as the sun sets

Pretend you are back at the Rotunda, Bodo’s in hand. (Download this Zoom background)


Inside the Dome of the Rotunda, you can faintly see the constellations showing up

Share this view of the Rotunda Planetarium. (Download this Zoom background)


Rocking chairs in front of the Lawn rooms

Dream of sunny day on the Lawn. (Download this Zoom background)


Cabell hall from the lawn

Know that Homer and Old Cabell Hall await the students’ return. (Download this Zoom background)


Squirrel sitting on a brick sidewalk

Some things never change. (Download this Zoom background)


14th street northwest filled with people decked out in orange and carrying homemade UVA signs

Remember this 2019 March Madness celebration. (Download this Zoom background)


Table covered with political bumper stickers and political signs on the wall

The Center for Politics is still humming along, via telework, in an election year. (Download this Zoom background)


Scott Stadium filled with fans watching a game

Pretend you are under the lights in Scott Stadium, surrounded by fellow Hoos. (Download this Zoom background)


Rotunda and the Lawn buildings lit up by lights at dusk

Enjoy this starry night. (Download this Zoom background


Arches pathway lined with white columns at the amphitheater

Go on a virtual stroll through the Colonnades at Lambeth Field. (Download this Zoom background


Blue and orange streamers being thrown during a basketball game

Know that the Hoo Crew is cheering for you. (Download this Zoom background)


NCAA trophies lined up

Remember, you are a champion. (Download this Zoom background)


Tumbled rocks stacked on the top of Black Rock Summit as it over looks overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains

UVA, Charlottesville and the beautiful Blue Ridge will be waiting for you! (Download this Zoom background)