Harassment Training Now Available Online

March 2, 2007 -- The Office of Equal Opportunity Programs now offers online discriminatory harassment training as well as open enrollment workshops. Six years ago, President John T. Casteen III directed all members of University management and faculty to participate in discriminatory harassment training. Anyone who has not taken the training or has not taken it in the last two years, is asked to complete the online training or attend an open session.

The Discriminatory Harassment Training Workshop includes: studying what behaviors constitute discriminatory harassment, exploring options for resolving a discriminatory harassment complaint, a person’s liability for stopping discriminatory harassment and an in-depth discussion of case studies to analyze situations and discuss resolutions.

For more information or to schedule a training session, contact the EO officer for training and information at mm6b@virginia.edu. For workshop enrollment information visit: http://fusion.web.virginia.edu/dotweb/eoplist.cfm.

For online training, go to: http://training.newmedialearning.com/top_level/uvirginia_choice.htm.