Health System Campaign Touts Employees' Life-Changing Services

March 4, 2008 — Barbara Blair, a patient at the University of Virginia Health System's Diabetes Cardiovascular Clinic, praised nurse practitioner Anne Hedelt and registered dietician Mary Lou Perry for their roles in helping diagnose and treat her condition.

Billy Crigger cited pharmacist Sandra Harris' initiative for preventing a potentially fatal allergic reaction to his medications while Crigger was being treated for cancer.

These are just two of the stories in the newly launched "Changed My Life" phase of the Health System's "Everyday Heroes" campaign, which seeks to recognize the employees and their contributions to health care. This phase uses patients' stories about how U.Va. Health System employees changed the patients' lives through their persistence, innovation and collaboration.

U.Va. Health System Vice President and CEO Ed Howell and the Health System's senior leadership recently led employees in a celebration of the new phase.

More than 7,000 travel mugs were handed out at the launch, which also featured placards, banners, table tents, posters, promotional items and a campaign Web site that features more in-depth accounts and employee stories. One story will be selected as a winner each week, with a grand prize-winner named during National Hospital Week, which starts May 11.

"This is just a small way to remind our employees of the importance of the work they do every day and to say 'thank you,'" Howell said while distributing mugs on Feb. 18.

During an Employee Engagement Campaign, employees asked to be allowed to carry beverages around the Health System. The previous no-drinks policy, born out of safety concerns, was recently changed to allow drinks in closed containers.

In the coming months, the campaign will continue as employees will be encouraged to think about the ways they have touched the lives of patients, families and colleagues.

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