IATH Invites Fellowship Applications from Faculty

Dec. 10, 2007 — The mission of the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities is to explore and expand the potential of information technology as a tool for humanities research.

To that end, IATH offers a fellowship program to U.Va. faculty to support two distinct areas of research: the development of tools, scholarly resources or scholarly projects utilizing digital technology for analysis, investigation, modeling or other research activities; and the study of the nature, ethics, history or future of digital technology as applied to some aspect of the humanities.

Fellows developing scholarly tools or projects aim at creation of a new digital product, or at least a prototype, during their tenure. Those studying digital technology engage in reflective activity, such as organizing a scholarly conference or writing a monograph.

Fellows are provided with consulting, technical support, applications programming and networked publishing facilities.

Faculty members involved in humanities research through any department of the University are eligible to apply for fellowships. Past projects have come from a variety of disciplines, including anthropology, architecture, art history, engineering humanities, English, history, landscape architecture, music and religious studies. Links to specific projects can be accessed at: www.iath.virginia.edu/projects_all.html

One residential fellowship will be awarded. This fellowship is for a two-year period and will include: half-time teaching release in the first year, office space at the institute, equipment and software, training, computer programming, budget resources, research assistants and development assistance to raise additional grants and gifts to support the research project.

The selection committee may also choose a second applicant to receive an associate fellowship. The associate fellowship lasts one academic year and includes consulting services on project design and technical issues, equipment loans and development assistance.

Applications for fellowships in the 2008-2009 academic year are due by March 1. Guidelines can be found at www.iath.virginia.edu/guidelines.html, and the application form is available at www.iath.virginia.edu/application.html.

Decisions of the selection committee will be made by the end of March and fellowships will begin July 1. Those planning to submit an application are invited to discuss their proposals in advance of the deadline; call (434) 924-4527 to schedule an appointment.