‘Inside UVA’: Learn How UVA Keeps Its Talent Pipeline Pumping

March 7, 2024 By Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu

Audio: ‘Inside UVA’: Learn How UVA Keeps its Talent Pipeline Pumping(21:32)

President Ryan’s latest guest is Carolyn Cullen, UVA’s director of talent management.


She got her start in newspapers, but about 10 years ago Carolyn Cullen took a U-turn and became the University of Virginia’s director of talent management in the Department of Human Resources.

She oversees workforce training and succession planning, academic staff recognition, professional development and career navigation, and is President Jim Ryan’s guest on the latest edition of his podcast, “Inside UVA.”

One of her responsibilities is overseeing the Cornerstone Program.

“Unlike some of our other leadership development programs that focus on a specific audience, like new managers at UVA Health, for example, Cornerstone casts a wide and deep net,” Cullen told Ryan.

“So, we have employees from across the entire organization,” she explained. “The purpose of Cornerstone is to accelerate the development of the participants a little faster than it might normally occur, so that they’re ready in the future for additional career progression at UVA.”

This year, 38 people are participating in the program.

“We choose a theme each year. This year's theme is ‘transformational leadership,’ and we have various speakers for part of the program who come and share their specific leadership journey,” Cullen said.

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Recently, J.J. Davis, UVA’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, and Anda Webb, the senior adviser to UVA’s executive vice president and provost, shared their personal leadership evolutions with the Cornerstone participants.

It’s that sort of full-circle professional mentorship that makes the University a special place to work and learn, Cullen told Ryan

You can learn more about Cullen and the Cornerstone Program by streaming “Inside UVA” on most podcast apps, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

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