Leave Feature Added to Employees' Online Timecards

July 28, 2010 — For University of Virginia employees and supervisors who use self-service time and leave, Human Resources has added a new feature: additional leave information on timecards.

At employees' requests, Integrated Systems Deployment and Support developed this new tool to help employees better manage their leave.

Employees and their supervisors can now see:
•             Leave balances as of the last processed payroll
•             Carry-over balances and their end date
•             Use or lose balances and their end date

Employees can choose the leave type according to what has the nearest end date or budget leave with the end of the year in mind.

These leave balances, and leave earned, now appear in a new "Employee Leave Information" drop-down list above the area for time entry. Supervisors, managers and timekeepers who create and update timecards on behalf of employees will also see this new field. The leave balances as of the last completed payroll in the "hours type" drop-down list on the timecard itself will still be visible.

Please note that the leave balances that appear will always be the current balances, even when looking back at old timecards.

Just a reminder: The 2010 leave year ends on Dec. 19.