May 31 statement of University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan

May 31, 2013

Statement of University of Virginia President Teresa A. Sullivan:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., May 31, 2013 -- On Wednesday, May 29, the provost issued a statement to faculty who were concerned by some comments made by Paul Tudor Jones during the question-and-answer segment at an April 26 symposium at the University. That statement has now become public through reporting by news media.

The University respects Mr. Jones’ right to state his personal views as a fundamental exercise of free expression.

As part of his response to a question about the lack of diversity on the all-male symposium panel, Mr. Jones observed that the emotional highs and lows that accompany life events such as childbirth and divorce, particularly when these events occur during the formative years of skill acquisition (20-30 years) for a professional in the narrow field of macro-trading, can be impediments to success.

Mr. Jones’ comments do not represent the views or policies of the University with regard to marital or parental status and its effect on employment or success in the workplace.

I have reached out to Paul and have spoken at length with him about this issue. He has assured me that he believes fervently as we do that having a family should not disadvantage a woman's performance in the workplace.



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