New ‘GO HOOS’ License Plates Show Pride, Support Student-Athlete Scholarships

Illustration of a new personalized "Go Hoos" license plate that says WAHOOS.

Wahoo fans can now adorn their rides with brand-new license plates featuring the “V-Sabre” logo and the “Go Hoos” cheer. And you can personalize a plate with up to six characters. (Illustration by Emily Faith Morgan, University Communications)

For the first time, fans of the University of Virginia can be true to their school by displaying a new “GO HOOS” Virginia license plate, with proceeds going back to scholarships at the University.

The new plates, which recently went on sale at Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles, feature UVA’s “V-Sabre” logo to the left of the plate number. Buyers can also personalize their plates for an additional fee, using up to six characters.

Angled photo of one of the new "Go Hoos" license plates.
Part of the annual fees for this spiffy plate recently spotted at University Communications will go to scholarships for student athletes. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)

The possibilities are endless. Consider:


Any-HOO … the plates start at $25 annually and once 1,000 are sold, $15 of the $25 fee goes to student-athlete scholarships at UVA.

If you live out-of-state or already have a Virginia plate you can’t part with, not to worry. Hoos fans can also buy souvenir plates with the new design for ornamental display.

“What better way for Hoos throughout the commonwealth to show their school spirit and support UVA students?” said Katie Dittmer, UVA’s new director of licensing.

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