Now Online: One-Stop Website for Faculty Resources

July 7, 2010 — From "Tiger Teams" to 3D animation to academic writing workshops, the University of Virginia has a wide array of resources that support faculty research, scholarship and career development. To make it easier to find this wealth of information, the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Development has created a convenient website, the U.Va. Faculty Development Hub, that went online this week. 

The web page links to resources in information technology, U.Va. fellowship opportunities, teaching support services and other programs.

For example, faculty researchers seeking assistance with computational issues can enlist the help of consultants, or "Tiger Teams," from the U.Va. Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering. Or if faculty members are interested in developing their leadership potential, they can find the link to the Institute for Faculty Advancement's, Leadership in Academic Matters program.

Margaret Harden, director of U.Va.'s Institute for Faculty Advancement and assistant to the vice provost, has been instrumental in developing the website and researched similar resources at other institutions in the Association of American Universities.

"None of the other schools has the breadth of resources that U.Va. offers to support faculty in their work," she said.

The provost's office will host an event on Sept. 10 to provide more information to faculty about the career development opportunities the University offers. The session will feature short, small-group discussions and an open house, with members of the various institutes and programs available to answer questions.