Parking Rates to Rise on June 1

April 9, 2007 -- Beginning June 1, parking permit rates will increase by $2 a month for those who park in commuter lots, $3 a month for University “reserved” and “premium reserved” lots, and $5 a month in the Health System “reserved” parking lots.

Keeping rate increases to a minimum is a goal of P&T, said Rebecca White, director of Parking and Transportation, noting that minimizing the rate increases for the commuter lots, which are already by far the most affordable permits, is part of a continuing commitment to offer a lowcost parking option for U.Va. employees.

Hourly parking rates at the Central Grounds Garage are rising by 10 cents an hour, to $1.80 during daytime (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on weekdays and Saturday, and to 60 cents an hour at all other times (with a fl at charge of $1 for parking from midnight to 7:30 a.m.) The new rates are still below market rates at nearby parking garages.

All other P&T fees will remain unchanged (parking citations, parking meters, late fees, second car permits, etc.)

Because parking demand will continue to outstrip capacity for the foreseeable future, P&T keepsworking to expand parking inventory through construction of additional parking facilities, White said. The Arts Grounds Garage, currently under construction next to Culbreth Theatre, will add 550 parking spaces when completed in January 2008. These parking structures are costly (between $15,000 and $30,000 per parking space) and must be funded through the issuance of bonds and subsequent debt payments. Since P&T is self-funded, it must cover increasing costs, in part, by raising permit prices, which pay for roughly one-third of the P&T budget, White said. Rising costs also include the recent state-mandated classified staff pay raise.

In addition, P&T continues to work on making commuting on mass transit easier, noted White. Starting April 2, anyone with a U.Va. ID can ride Charlottesville city buses for free, anytime.

A small portion of the cost increases will be paying for several environmentally friendly initiatives, including using biodiesel fuel in buses and an Environmental Management System for storm water runoff in the bus refueling area that won a Virginia Environmental Excellence Program award from Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality.