Photos: An Emotional Tribute to Slain University of Virginia Students

November 19, 2022 By McGregor McCance, McGregor McCance,

More than 9,000 people attended an emotional memorial tribute on Saturday at John Paul Jones Arena to three University of Virginia football players who were killed in a Nov. 13 shooting on Grounds.

Teammates of Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler and D’Sean Perry were among those who offered moving memories and expressions of gratitude for the joy the three students shared with others during their time at UVA and with their families and friends.

President Jim Ryan assured the mourners that the UVA Community would somehow summon the strength to move forward in the coming days, not to forget the tragedy, but rather to honor the players’ legacies.

Athletics director Carla Williams assured the players’ parents that their names never would be forgotten on Grounds. Head football coach Tony Elliott told his players that Davis, Chandler and Perry would be the lights to guide the program from this tragedy to future triumph.

Here are some images of the stirring tribute.

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Students placing flowers outside JPJA
Attendees place flowers in memorials to Devin Chandler, Lavel Davis Jr. and D’Sean Perry outside of John Paul Jones Arena before the service. (Photo by Matt Riley, UVA Athletics)
Choir singing at the memorial service
The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir performs during the memorial service on Saturday to honor the three killed and two injured UVA students. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Photo of the three students on the center court display board
The memorial service combined touching video remembrances, first-person testimonials, and inspiring musical performances. (Photo by Matt Riley, UVA Athletics)
CeCe Winans singing
Celebrated gospel singer CeCe Winans was inspired to perform in honor of the student-athletes, singing a powerful rendition of “Goodness of God.” (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Community members from behind embracing one another
Performers at Saturday’s memorial service show unity during an emotional gathering in John Paul Jones Arena. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Students and community members together in mourning
The emotional undertow of Saturday’s memorial service is visible on the faces of those in attendance. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Players on the stage at the memorial service
Teammates of each player stepped forward to offer personal anecdotes and tributes, stressing the humanity and caring personalities of D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr. and Devin Chandler. (Photo by Matt Riley, UVA Athletics)
Donovan Johnson speaking at the memorial service
Defensive back Donovan Johnson, holding microphone, relayed a series of lighthearted and memorable moments that he and teammates shared with D’Sean Perry. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Will turn today's tragedy into tomorrow's triumph.
A closed caption video board in John Paul Jones Arena displays a comment from UVA football coach Tony Elliott during his remarks about how the former players would inspire him and the program in the years ahead. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
People comforting each other in their mourning
Family members and friends of the three student-athletes who were killed mourn and comfort each other during Saturday's memorial service. (Photo by Dan Addison, University Communications)
Close up of the program featuring photos of the three students
An audience member holds the program for Saturday’s memorial service to the fallen and injured students. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
Carla Williams and Tony Elliott comforting each other
Football coach Tony Elliott offers tissues to Athletics Director Carla Williams during an emotional moment of Saturday’s memorial service. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)
The UVA Football Team together in mourning
With hands clasped, members of the UVA football team bow together during the memorial service. (Photo by Erin Edgerton, University Communications)

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