A ‘Pupdate’ on Maggie, Police Dog and Unofficial Student Recruiter

February 24, 2023 By Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu Jane Kelly, jak4g@virginia.edu

Her ears are a little longer and her sniffer a little stronger.

Maggie, the University of Virginia’s adorable police-dog-in-training, is three months into her special assignment as the school’s first bloodhound and she has discovered a brand-new talent as a student recruiter.

The University community was introduced to Maggie a month ago and the interest in her was so strong, UVA Today decided to check back in with the 35-pound-dog and her handler, officer Logan Moore.

Tuesday’s reunion happened to coincide with several admissions tours taking place on the Lawn. Before long, a mother and her twin daughters strayed from their tour group to get some facetime with Maggie.

Mom Kate Gardner and her fraternal twins and high school juniors Charlotte and Eva could not help themselves. “She is absolutely beautiful,” Kate said. “She’s perfect,” Charlotte added.

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Portrait of Maggie, the bloodhound
At 4 months of age, Maggie the bloodhound is still growing into her folds.

So, now that the Richmonders have met Maggie, how much more do Charlotte and Eva want to go to UVA?

“Like a hundred times more!” Eva said.

Maggie has started a new phase in her training as a tracking dog. Moore has a “runner” take off and hide behind a bush or a tree. “Then I send her out and if all goes well, she’ll find you and locate you,” he said.

Socialization for the pup is also still key. “We really can’t beat the amount of random interaction she gets on Grounds.” If all goes well, Maggie will begin her official duties in about four months.

A close up of Maggie's bloodhound puppy nose
The nose knows. Maggie’s olfactory receptors are on high alert these days because UVA’s Facilities Management team is mulching and aerating the Lawn for Final Exercises in May.
Officer Logan Moore walking Maggie up the stairs between the lower Rotunda and Lawn
Maggie gets lots and lots of exercise and socialization ambling around Grounds with her handler, officer Logan Moore.
94% On-Time Graduation Rate Pleases 100% of Parents, to be great and good in all we do
94% On-Time Graduation Rate Pleases 100% of Parents, to be great and good in all we do
Three ladies meeting an petting Maggie, the bloodhound, on the Lawn
Twins Charlotte and Eva Gardner snuck away from their admissions tour with their mom, Kate, to get some Maggie love.
Maggie, the bloodhound, shaking hands with her handler on the Lawn
Maggie is a healthy 35 pounds, a gain of eight since we met in January.

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