Renamed Student Disability Access Center Helps Students Clear Academic Hurdles

August 22, 2013

The University of Virginia Learning Needs and Evaluation Center has adopted a new name. Now called the Student Disability Access Center, the center will continue to serve students with previously diagnosed disabilities and students who are struggling academically and seek evaluation and consultation services.

According to the center’s website, its mission “is to promote the academic success of students with disabilities by providing equal access within the University.” The center provides accommodations for students with learning, emotional, medical and physical disabilities. These services include the University’s peer note-taking program, clinical consultations for students and housing and transportation services for students with temporary disabilities.   

“While the Learning Needs and Evaluation Center name has a long history in the University community and was highly appropriate when the center was first established, it no longer accurately conveys the scope and character of our services,” clinical psychologist Robert Diamond, the center’s director, said in an email. The new name also “more closely fits the intent of the American with Disabilities Act,” he said.

The Student Disability Access Center also reflects the changes in disability services that are occurring at universities across the nation. “Through our research, we found that many other prominent institutions around the state and across the nation use similar names to describe their student disability services area,” Diamond said.

The Student Disability Center is housed in the Elson Student Health Center at 400 Brandon Ave. For information, call 434-924-5362.

-- by Dana Cypress

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