Off the Shelf: Dorothy C. Wong

November 24, 2008

November 24, 2008 — Dorothy C. Wong, Associate Professor of East Asian Art, editor, "Horyuji Reconsidered." Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

This collection of essays is the product of a symposium held in 2005 at the University of Virginia, "The Dawn of East Asian International Buddhist Art and Architecture: Horyuji (Temple of the Exalted Law) in Its Contexts."

Eric Field, information technology scientist for applied and advanced technologies in the U.Va. School of Architecture, designed and laid out the hardcover book. Field, who received his master's degree from the Architecture School in 2001, also contributed an article, "The Central Core Structural System: A Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Five-Story Pagoda of Horyuji ."

Edited by Wong, "Horyuji Reconsidered" examines the Horyuji temple complex — a UNESCO World Heritage site including some of the oldest and largest surviving wooden buildings in the world — from the perspectives of archaeology, architecture, architectural history, art history and religion. The essays aim to shed new light on the Horyuji complex by examining new archaeological materials, incorporating computer analysis of the structural system of the pagoda and including cross-cultural, interdisciplinary perspectives that reflect current research in various fields.

For information, visit the Architecture School's Web site or the book's listing.