Off the Shelf: Roberta Culbertson

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Roberta Culbertson, editor and director of the Center on Violence & Community at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, "Surviving War." Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

March 3, 2010 — "Surviving War," a collection of poetry, essays and photographs addressing war experience, is designed to help active-duty soldiers, veterans and their families understand and accept their experiences in war, and to ease their transition into civilian life. 

Nearly all of the writings and pictures in "Surviving War" come from military personnel or their families, and encompass wars from World War I to Iraq and Afghanistan. Their reflections on violence and war and the persistence of the human spirit acknowledge the horrors and difficulties of war while also recognizing its place in the conduct of human affairs.

"Surviving War" has also been published online in PDF format to increase its availability to soldiers, veterans, their families and other readers, including those overseas. Copies are also available through the distributor.

"Surviving War" is available free of charge to organizations serving veterans, including military chaplains, chaplaincy programs, social service agencies and Warrior Transition Units at Army installations, by contacting the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities at 434-924-3296.

Culbertson founded the Center on Violence & Community to show how the humanities – art, poetry, history and philosophy – can be instrumental in understanding and healing the emotional wounds made by violence. The program offers publications and educational opportunities to help people understand violence and to assist in healing from the emotional damage violence causes.

For information on the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the Center on Violence & Community visit here.