Some Parking Fees Stay Steady as P&T Sets Rates for 2008-09

April 24, 2008 — Some parking rates at the University of Virginia will increase slightly, effective June 1.
The Department of Parking and Transportation is in the second of a three-year plan for parking rates, but director Rebecca White said the rates will not rise as fast or as high as originally planned, and some rates are not increasing at all.
The premium reserved rate (charged to users of parking lots closest to Grounds) will increase to $49 per month from $46 per month, as planned. The non-premium reserved rate (for the Emmet/Ivy Garage and lots E1, E3, etc.) will increase to $39 per month from $36 per month. On-site storage rate spaces (such as lots associated with dormitories) are going to increase to $37 per month from $33 to month, but the commuter rate (blue and red permits) will remain at $16 per month. Hospital premium (the lots closest at the Medical Center) will also remain steady at $70 per month.
The hourly fees charged in the Central Grounds Garage between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Saturday will increase to $2 per hour, up from $1.80 per hour. All other hourly fees in the garage and at parking meters will stay the same; 50 cents an hour for meters and for the garage from 5 p.m. to midnight and during the day on Sundays, and in the garage, $1 for any portion of the time from midnight to 8 a.m. The parking rate for Culbreth Road garage, which opened in March, will be $49 per month beginning June 1, the same as neighboring lots.
The University subsidizes permit fees by approximately $30 per month per permit, mostly through paying debt service for parking structures, such as a portion of the Emmet/Ivy Garage and a portion of the Culbreth Road Garage. Also, revenue generated by event parking and other fees, such as event operations, and hourly fees charged in the Central Grounds garage and at meters, is used to offset what would otherwise have to be covered by permit fees.

Increases in parking rates have slowed recently. There was a $5-per-month increase in 2005-06 and a $4-a-month increase in reserved rates in 2006-07.
Parking & Transportation also continues to expand transportation alternatives. University faculty, staff and students  continue to have free access to the Charlottesville Transit System buses in 2008 through funding provided by Parking and Transportation. Global Positioning Satellite equipment has been installed on all University buses to improve the efficiency of the transit system and to make bus riding more convenient. Parking and Transportation has also expanded the occasional parker program.

To learn more about all the alternatives available to employees, visit the Parking & Transportation Web site at