Talk Amongst Yourselves, Staff, Faculty and Students: Join Dialogue Across UVA

February 05, 2013

Dialogue Across UVA is a program aimed at connecting members of the University of Virginia community, providing time to discuss interesting and profound topics and devoted to making U.Va. a stronger, more caring community – and you can be part of it.

Faculty, students and staff who are interested may sign up online by Feb. 13 to join a semester-long dialogue group from a menu of themes. The groups are organized to be diverse, with about 12 participants in each. This semester’s topics include U.Va.-Charlottesville relations, race and gender, tradition and progress, and being American.

Each group meets for five 90-minute, biweekly sessions led by trained facilitators, starting the week of Feb. 18.

Dialogue Across UVA is a collaboration between students, faculty and staff designed to foster and support a caring University community and to engage issues of identity, community and power dynamics on Grounds. The initiative was started in 2010 when a group of students, faculty and staff recognized the need to extend the conversations initiated during the fall 2010 Day of Dialogue and offer a sustainable way to expand upon them.

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