Thank You! For Your Years of Service to the University

July 13, 2007 -- At a special dinner on May 30, held for the first time in many years under a tent on the Grounds of the University, 309 employees were honored for their 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 years of service. When tallied, their years of service totaled 9,200 years. Employees celebrating their 10, 15 and 20 years of service were recognized in a ceremony at Newcomb Hall Ballroom on May 22. Among the individuals being recognized on May 30 were five whose service to the University totals 235 years. Their profiles follow.

George F. Ford Jr. began his employment at the University Health System 45 years ago, first in the psychiatric department, where he stayed for 18 years. Since then, he has been an important part of the operating room team as patient care tech. Ford has been described as efficient and helpful, someone who pays attention to detail, and a great assistant to the nursing staff.

Jennie H. Wilson attended the University’s School of Radiology from 1954 to 1956; after getting married and spending time raising her two children, she resumed her career at the University in 1965. Over the years, she worked her way up to chief technologist in radiology, a post she held until the mid-1990s. Though she is retired from full-time employment, Wilson still works part-time and is celebrating her 45th year with the University. “I love my job, and I love the people I work with,” Wilson said. “Not only do I love radiology, but I enjoy working with patients and making them feel at ease.”

Harriett N. Lee graduated from the University’s School of Nursing in 1961 and began working in the operating room the following year. She has held many positions over the years, and now, 45 years later, she is the head of service for urology, a position she has held since 1992. Lee reminisced about her first few years of work, and how she and her husband were living in New York at the same time. Since her husband traveled internationally, Lee would commute between Charlottesville and New York—trips she made for two years. “In the early years that I worked, we didn’t have a very large staff, so it was sort of like family,” Lee said. “I like the part of my job where I get to mentor new people and teach them not only about the OR, but about urology.”

 A. W. “Gus” Norvelle started his career at the University in the chemistry department as an instrument maker in 1952. He made research instruments and was also asked to make parts for other areas such as radiology and cardiac catheterization. In 1965, Norvelle was approached about learning to service microscopes. He was interested, so he traveled to New York for training. Since then, he has serviced 300 microscopes for the Medical School each year. Colleagues have said of his work, if you can describe it, Norvelle can build it. Though he has trained four other employees to succeed him, Norvelle still comes in to repair microscopes when needed and is celebrating his 50th year of employment at the University.

George W. Turner graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in 1954 and a Master’s in Education in 1956, and is currently enjoying his golden anniversary as a University employee. He began his career in the clinical chemistry department of the medical laboratories, and remembers how all laboratory tests used to be done manually, sometimes taking all day to complete. Turner has seen many changes in technology over time, but he has been described as one of the most careful and accurate laboratory techs there. Though he retired in 1989, he works part-time and said he still enjoys the interesting work, which he hopes to continue for a while.

Employees celebrating their 50th, 45th, 40th, 35th, 30th, 25th, 20th, 15th and 10th years at
U.Va. are noted here.

50 years

A. W. Norvelle
George W. Turner

45 years

George F. Ford, Jr.
Harriett N. Lee
Jennie H. Wilson


Johnie L. Anderson
Sandra V. Arbogast
Alice R. Baird
Lillie B. Dunbar
Roscoe G. Faris
Patricia F. Fitch
Carole H. Hoadley
Gregory A. Johnson
William A. Johnson
Doris M. Lamb
Helen L. Marshall
Walter E. Rogers
Robert L. Shafer
Gail H. Thomas
Linda S. Tomlin
Dawn P. Williams


Dan L. Anderson
E. Boyd Anderson
Rebecca D. Bowers
F. Locke Boyer
Joyce B. Brooks
Beverly T. Carter
Deborah P. Cason
Eva M. Chandler
Charles L. Chesley
Shirley Clatterbaugh
Sherry S. Deane
William S. Dorrier
Alice E. Dowell
Marvin B. Edwards
Patricia D. Hanger
Jacquelynn D. Harding
Sandra D. Harris
Barbara D. Hawkins
Mary R. Herndon
Sharon L. Hodges
Peggy A. Johnson
Joyce B. Kavounas
Emily H. Keithley
Cynthia A. Kelly
Marla G. Langdon
Suzette F. Lefebvre
Janice W. Martin
L. Byron McCauley, Jr.
Paul K. Merrel
Amanda H. Mills
Donna M. Morris
John Albert Neis II
Josephine H. Nowell
Walter F. Opie
Franklin L. Payne
Olaf Pors
Harry W. Powell
Harold C. Raines
Kerney G. Rhoden, Jr.
Jerry W. Ross
Phyllis J. Ross
Jane C. Smith
Betty H. Snow
Earl M. Steppe
Ralph B. Terrell
Linda M. Thomas
Louise A. Toliver
Mary F. Walker
Vivian T. Walls
Glenavie F. Washington
Carolyn U. Watson
Robert W. Watson
Velma J. Watson
Thomasine B. Wells
Larry D. White
Caroline E. Williams
James A. Williams
Curtis D. Yohe
Jerry W. Argenbright
Diane P. Baker
Elizabeth D. Baker
Wanda K. Ballowe
Susan L. Baugher
Phyllis M. Bibb
Ruth E. Bray
Anthony V. Broccoli
Jennifer R. Brock
Arthur S. Brown
James W. Brown
Leslie Buchanan
Deborah P. Bush
Ramey L. Campbell
Barbara H. Cassity
Deborah T. Chesley
Judy B. Christian
Faye B. Cline
Shirley A. Collier
Richard G. Condrey
Carol J. Conley
Naomi R. Crawford
Teresita P. Cruz
Margaret E. Dodd
Edward H. Dodd, Jr.
Catherine A. English
Peggy S. Fincham
Paul J. Firer
Brenda A. Fitzgerald
Dennis D. Fortune
Viola R. Friday
Cathy M. Fry
Diane Gallihugh
Mary A. Gaylord
Lisa Mann Geddis
Patricia A. Gibson
Susan B. Gibson
Wanda S. Hedges
Donna L. Hicks
Doris M. Hicks
Diana Russo Houchens
Ruby K. Hutchinson
Joseph R. Jackson
David L. James
Jackie W. Johnson
Barbara H. Jones
Brenda J. Jones
Lena S. Jones
Paula M. Keeney
Nancy C. Knott
Lois J. Labier
Larry E. Lamb
Theresa S. Lamb
Gail S. Landreth
Steven L. Lawrence
James R. Lawson
Debbie R. Lichtenfels
Barbara K. Madison
Cleva G. Maggio
Barbara C. Marks
Darlene K. Mclaughlin
Ed McMurdo
Lisa R. McNerney
Kathleen C. Miller
Paris R. Minor
Peggy A. Minter
Ronald R. Morgan
Diane W. Mundell
Karen F. Musselman
Melody J. Newman
Linda T. Niven
Hope E. Okuno
Ronald H. Pack
Peggy S. Pasternak
Julie H. Plumb
Robert E. Powell
Paula S. Price
Valerie J. Ragland
Tammy W. Ramsey
Marcia L. Ripley
Iris C. Roberts
Diane L. Rush
Debra L. Scott
Fleming D. Shelton
Barbara P. Shifflett
Lawrence S. Shiflett, Jr.
Donald T. Short
Rebecca G. Sims
Janet K. Small
S. Dean Smith
Virginia V. Smith
Bolling D. Southall
Karen E. Spradlin
Eugene J. Squillaro, Jr.
Alicia Suarez-Martinez
Roland Taylor
Jan M. Thomas
Nancy A. Tisdale
Donald G. Tooley
Vicki B. Tucker
Dale S. Wade
Timothy B. Walton
Stanley A. Wells
Clarence E. Wells, Jr.
Joy H. West
Julia K. Wheeler
Dorothy C. Whindleton
Donald K. Woodson
Kathy Y. Woodson

25  years

Rebecca P. Arrington
Linda Auletta
Pamela P. Ayres
David L. Bagby
Randolph H. Baker
Patricia T. Berkin
Michael A. Beverly
Jean A. Blackburn
Linda Blacke
Lori N. Boles
E. Howard Booker
David L. Bourne
James H. Bowden III
Holly Bradley-Carter
Brenda L. Brooks
Gladys O. Bryant
Donna M. Burns
Kathy G. Burns
Robert J. Burns
Michael L. Cohen
Brenda H. Crabtree
Tracie L. Craner
Wendell W. Crawford
Paula L. Damgaard
Charles T. Darnell
Jo A. Davis
Joanne M. Davis
Margo E. Davis
Carolyn A. Deane
Mary M. Deivert
Denise M. Dent
Sharon Dillard
Jackie M. Douglas
Lisa J. Durbin
Janice E. Ekberg-Shelley
Anna M. Ellis
Melvin L. Flannagan, Jr.
Joyce C. Fortune
Richard E. Friend
Rebecca F. Garver
Deborah D. Gausvik
Angelee Godbold
Jerline S. Gray
Michael A. Green
Rebecca J. Harris
Antoinette A. Henderson
Dolores J. Hildebrand
Minerva J. Hill
Ronald E. Hoadley
Linda L. Hodson
Patricia E. Hogan
Janet M. Houchens
Janice H. Imig
Maria R. Jackson
James N. Johnson
Melvin L. Jones
Cecilia J. Kimata
Richard G. Klein
Kevin L. Knight
Natalie B. Krovetz
Joseph L. Lane
Katharine W. Linkswiler
Debra L. Margrey
Teresa C. Marshall
Saundra M. Mason
Alice M. Mawyer
Delphine A. Mays
Diantha H. McKeel
Tina D. McWilliams
Andrew L. Meade
Helen A. Meade
Priscilla K. Merrill
Sueann Meskell
Judith A. Miller
Marvin J. Mills
Alfreda A. Morris
Arleen G. Morris
Christine C. Morrison
Janice S. Munson
Grace A. Muro
Deborah C. Murren
Evie Nicholson
Lisa D. Nowicki
Judith A. Oakey
Wren D. Olivier
Harold Orman
Randall J. Otis
Shirley M. Painter
Martha J. Palmer
Anne P. Parsons
Michael Patterson
Diane M. Payne
Shirley M. Payne
Nina C. Pierce
Edith E. Pollard
Michael W. Powell
Stephen G. Powell
Debra R. Rappold
Georgeann S. Roberts
Deborah S. Rose
Edith B. Scott
Gertrude H. Scott
Randolph Scott
Vernell H. Shifflett
Martha L. Sikes
Judy L. Sites
Robin H. Smoot
Ellen K. Stacy
John D. Stewart
Brian B. Taylor
Donald H. Taylor
Lorraine Taylor
John L. Toney
James B. Van Skike
Sukeshni A. Vaswani
Deborah L. Wadsworth
James K. Walls
Robert A. Whitby
Athena B. Wilberger
David W. Wood
Carolyn A. Wright

20 years

Mary N. Acker
Michael T. Adcock
Patricia B. Adkins
Kathleen J. Alderson
Maxine F. Andreas
Donna G. Apel
Dyan A. Aretakis
Gladys M. Austin-Johnson
Rhonda T. Batten
Timothy G. Baugher
Carol A. Beatrice
Lisa J. Benton
Barbara M. Bingham
Marilyn M. Bledsoe
Delores S. Booker
Diane E. Boyer
Vicky Bradt
Terry C. Breeden
Wanda G. Breeden
Myra N. Brent-McGarry
Janet E. Brooks
Delores C. Bruce
Jacqueline Burley
Dawn T. Burris
Susan E. Card
Laura D. Chambers
Melisa S. Chisholm
Brenda G. Christensen
John M. Christopher
Linda G. Coiner
Barbara C. Cole
Cynthia P. Coleman
Susan G. Corbett
Robert J. Cordaro
Verna B. Coss
Michael L. Cressin
Bucky L. Crickenberger
Angela D. Cyphert
Jaye B. Davis
Sherri W. Davis
Tamela J. Davis
Cynthia A. Derrick
Russell A. Dinsmore
Cynthia S. Dodson
Annabel K. Downs
Gerald D. Drumheller
Martha J. Dudley
Mary C. Duffy
Patricia K. Dunn
Harry M. Durham
David S. Durrer
Thomas W. Durrer
Lora A. Dury
Steven B. Farish
Sharon B. Fox
Donna G. Fredrick
Teresa G. Freix
Lois W. Fulks
Millie K. Gibson
Michelle G. Gray-Smith
Karen B. Graziano
Dionne A. Hackley
Erasmus B. Hardee
James B. Harlow
Sandra A. Hayes
Wanda C. Hensley
John D. Hoyle Jr.
Terry F. Hughes
Rita S. Hunt
Diane C. Huntley
Rochelle D. Jobes
Bruce E. Johnson
Priscilla A. Johnson
Linda B. Jones
Steven B. Jones
John C. Jones, Jr.
Gerald J. Kane
Donna K. Kauffman
Larisa E. Kaye
James K. Key
Christina R. Keys
Rebecca L. Kneller
Brenda M. Koonce
Barbara K. Kopin
Lori L. Kressin
Nancy J. Kriigel
Mary L. Lang
Patricia A. Laniez
Karen A. Lario
Pamela D. Lawson
Karen R. Luck
Paul M. Madden
Sandra K. Mallory
Pamela C. Marcantel
Mary F. Marshall
Audrey B. Martin
Marjorie E. Martin
Beverly S. Martyn
Lynn K. McCutcheon
Patricia A. McDaniel
Sharon L. McDonald
Susan M. McMillin
Beth B. Mehring
Pamela C. Mendosa
Nancy J. Mills
Jayne L. Missel
Carolyn S. Morris
Alton M. Morris II
Jimmy L. Mullins
Barbara M. Murphy
Anne C. Nealy
Nancy R. Noblette
Margaret B. Ober
Maureen Mcgorry Oswald
Jane T. Pace
Carol M. Palumbo
Marsha Parkinson
Karen N. Parks
Emile B. Patterson
Frederick L. Pauly
Doriane E. Perkins
Lawrence L. Pierce
Paul Poluito
Shirley C. Proffitt
George D. Purvis
Elizabeth M. Putnam
Louise C. Putnam
Tammie W. Ragland
Sharon E. Reaves
John W. Redmond
Jean V. Reese
Maria O. Richard
Laurie L. Roberts
Richard A. Roberts, Jr.
Mattie E. Rose
Michael P. Rose
David R. Saunders
Eugenio Schettini
Patty A. Schweickert
Louie Schweickert III
Susan M. Schweitz
Cynthia L. Scott-Simms
Beverley T. Shepherd
Herbert G. Simpson
Barbara H. Smith
Audrey E. Snyder
Traivanh K. Somchay
Barbara B. Spears
Valerie L. Spears
Philip J. Stenger
Edward P. Taylor
Peter R. Thorsen
Peter R. Thorsen, Jr.
Walter F. Trainum
Donna L. Utz Deane
Paulette E. Vining
Sue Wagner
Jacqueline M. Washington
June L. Webb
Grace E. White
John M. Williamson
Marybeth Wills
Debra K. Wilmoth
Shelly R. Winston
Elizabeth Blair Wooding
M. Elaine Woodson
Angela N. Wooten
Leslie F. Yowell

15  years

Benito L. Abad
Crystal B. Aldridge
Kostas J. Alibertis
Natividad D. Apusen
Sara A. Auterson
Joetta K. Auxier
Ann M. Ayres
Anita R. Barber
Toni G. Barbera
Carolyn Bare-Tabailloux
Carolyn L. Beach
Laura K. Beech
Mary Beth Bellah
Dominador (Meng) Biazon
Evelyn G. Biazon
Juliana P. Biazon
Mario P. Biazon
Pamela A. Bickley
Marcia E. Birk
Kathleen C. Borowitz
Scott T. Borrelli
Peter A. Bowyer
Bruce A. Bradley
Sharon R. Bragg
Anne A. Breza
Karen B. Brock
Marilyn M. Brown
James S. Bunch
Mary F. Burton
Leigh A. Bush
Christine M. Butterman
Arlene R. Buynak
Mary E. Calhoun
Jennifer A. Carr
Felicia E. Chambers
Tasha I. Cherry
Kathryn G. Christopher
Barbara A. Coble
Michael C. Colley
Heather L. Collier
Lorraine S. Collins
Donna N. Corey
Elizabeth A. Courain
Cheryl L. Courtney
Paulette A. Craig
Juanita Cranor
Emily S. Crim
Kimberly J. Daly
Darlene Harmon Davis
Christina M. Deane
Susan J. Dietrich
Mary M. Dodd
Carolyn E. Drumheller
Larry K. Drumheller
Julie L. Duvall
Carolyn R. Esau
Winston P. Evatt
Lora M. Everly
Vickie S. Faulconer
Betty M. Ferneyhough
Wendy D. Figgatt
Marie H. Firth
Charles A. Fisher
Julie D. Fisher
Kenneth R. Fitzgerald
Deloris R. Fowler
Therisia A. Frost
Joyce P. Funston
Tammy Y. Gallihugh
Charles L. Ganoe
Heidi E. Glasgow
Cassandra L. Goodwin
Katie L. Gough
Kimberly C. Gregg
Barbara W. Griffin
Karen Haden
Kenneth W. Hale
Curley A. Haliburton
Gerald R. Hamilton
Charles M. Hammond
Karin A. Hancher
Elizabeth T. Hancock
Suzanne P. Haney
Terri M. Haram
Janis P. Harris
Veronica Harris
Daniel A. Hemmings
Bonnie Henning
James M. Higgins
Earl W. Hindes
Robert J. Hite
Lori E. Hogue
Celestia M. Hollen
Bina M. Hopkins
Violet M. Horst
Mary K. Hostetter
Jimmy G. Houser
Li-ping Huang
Candace K. Hudspeth
Kathleen M. Hughes
Irene B. Huja
Saundra E. Hutchison
Linda A. Jahn
Tammy R. Jessee
Diane L. Johnson
Gary L. Johnson
Susan M. Johnston
Gregory L. Jones
Kathleen Kane
William L. Kardos
Margaret F. Keller
Laura A. Kelly
Carol D. King
Elizabeth S. Kirby
Katherine H. Knicely
Mary Kay Kozuch
Jennifer A. Kuzjak
Marianne B. Lampert
Thomas W. Laudeman
Susan M. Lawhorne
Sandy K. Layne
Steven D. Leslie
Xuanqin Li
Travis S. Lillard
Dorothy A. Lippincott
Susan A. Luba
Howard D. Mallison II
Nancy L. Marshall
Susan E. Marshall
David F. Mayo
Kathy J. Mayo
Rosa L. McAllister
Sean M. McCord
Stephen L. McCoy
Anita B. McCray
Phillip J. McMullen
Marilyn P. McNulty
Kathy F. Miller
Kurt E. Miller
Joseph B. Moffett
Doris S. Morris
Pamella R. Mullinex
Janet M. Musselman
Carmel Jones Nail
Cary M. Nicholson
Jenny K. Nowlen
Cheryl R. Ottinger
Kelly J. Ottman
Elizabeth A. Owen
Allison M. Pace
Brenda A. Pace
Laurie C. Pallini
Starr K. Palmore
Gregory J. Paquin
Monte S. Parsons
George H. Payne
Edna J. Poindexter
Jehney L. Pollock
Lily B. Powell
Laura D. Pritchard
Mary J. Putnam
Kathleen M. Quelland
Catherine R. Ratliff
Marcellus (Sonny) B. Rea
Gwendolyn N. Repass
Rhonda S. Richardson
Janet M. Ripley
Jacquelyn B. Roberts
Kelly A. Robins
Linda M. Romeo
Barbara J. Rose
Marilyn J. Roselius
Sue W. Ruddock
Mark A. Ruffa
Judith I. Runion
Diane R. Russell
Hope I. Sayas
Gladys J. Saylor
Paula S. Schenck
Dean M. Schlemmer
Paula Schmidt
Sandra L. Schwaner
Sarah D. Seat
Bruce W. Shifflett
Patricia Shifflett
Ronald L. Shortt
Stephen L. Singer
Barbara A. Small
Inge S. Smit
David V. Smith
Denise H. Smith
Janet H. Smith
Stephen A. Smith
John D. Sneed
Elam J. Stevens
Charles E. Tate
David R. Thacker
Norman L. Tillman
Wanda H. Trainum
Melanie F. Turner
Denise D. Turner-Jones
Sandra A. Turner-Purvis
Peter M. Urban
Kenneth M. Vanmeter
Vertie S. Wade
Shannon R. Welch
Barbara J. White
Patricia Wilkinson
Diana L. Williams
Tracie L. Williams
Heidi Winter
Katherine M. Woodson
William D. Woolfolk
Gregory A. Wozneak
Karen A. Young
Edna I. Zaenker

10 years

Sheri L. Adams
Lauren M. Ahrens
Shenda D. Allen
Dorothy J. Alston
Rhonda L. Ange
Cesar M. Apusen
Diane A. Aramian
Cynthia T. Austin
Kristy S. Ayers
Yong S. Bacon
Harry G. Barrett
Pamela B. Barth
Carolyn H. Baskfield
Kimberly A. Belcher
Linda S. Bellomy
Karla K. Berger
Robert W. Bingler
Edith O. Boateng-Conti
Catherine J. Bodkin
Rodriguez D. Booker
Gloria J. Bowers
Tawanda M. Bowles
Wendy A. Bradley
Harold D. Branan
Janice M. Braxton
Christy S. Bright
Elizabeth A. Britt
Susan B. Broadwater
Lisa A. Brown
Nancy C. Brown
Jennifer L. Bryant
Martha B. Bryant
Sherry C. Bullock
Evern Bunion
Jeffrey S. Bunts
E. Douglas Burgess
Jeanne B. Burgess
Linda D. Burkhart
Maxine Burley
Sherrie M. Burnett
Julie Mccollough Burns
Nancy K. Burton
Leslie G. Campbell
Timothy M. Cannon
James W. Canty
Virginia S. Carl
Ralph L. Carr
Kelley L. Carter
Isabel S. Cason
Neena S. Chacko
Jo Anne Cheatham
Olga Chertihin
Teresa L. Cieslewitz
Franklin B. Clarke
Karen G. Coleman
Sandra Collier-Bolt
Carolyn F. Collins