Tip Sheet: College Health Network Finds ‘Stunning’ Increase in Flu Cases in Last Week

January 24, 2013

Reporters: Dr. James C. Turner, executive director of the University of Virginia’s Department of Student Health and the principal investigator of the College Health Surveillance Network, which collects health data from 21 colleges and universities nationwide – with a total enrollment of 670,00 students – is available to talk with you today about the drastic increase in flu cases he has seen this past week.

Turner says: “Our college health surveillance network is tracking weekly flu, and we have seen a stunning increase in cases in the last week, approaching moderately severe across all of the country except in the West. … Schools are really getting hammered.”

The network’s data is posted at www.collegehealthsurveillancenetwork.org

Turner can be reached today at 434-981-3627.

Media Contact

Rebecca P. Arrington

Assistant Director of Media Relations Office of University Communications