University of Virginia's Procurement Services Announces New Process to Surplus Electronic Equipment

June 23, 2008 — The University of Virginia's Procurement Services has announced a new process to surplus University-owned computers, printers and other devices containing electronic data, to ensure that the data is handled securely and the electronic components do not end up in the landfill.

Only certain items may be identified as computer-related for surplus disposal; all other items must go through the general surplus process as before. Users are responsible for verifying that their computer equipment is eligible for surplus disposal; if the item has an asset tag, authorization must first be obtained from Fixed Assets (Property) Accounting.

Once the items are ready for disposal, simply register the pickup site location, enter the item(s) to be picked up, request an available pickup date, and be available on the scheduled day to ensure that the items are accessible for pickup.

To get started with computer surplus, check the instructions. For information, call 434-924-4212.