Utility Work Will Temporarily Close Whitehead and Stadium Roads

November 21, 2008 — Traffic on Stadium and Whitehead roads will be temporarily disrupted to install utilities for two new science buildings at the University of Virginia.

The project, which will run in three phases from Nov. 26 to Feb. 17, will serve a College of Arts and Sciences research building and an information technology engineering building, to be built in the current science complex. Crews will work Mondays through Saturdays.

Stadium Road, from south of Montebello Circle to north of Dunova Court, will close from Nov. 26 to Dec. 10, then will be reduced to one lane between Dec. 11 and Dec. 23. A portion of Whitehead Road, where it connects with Stadium Road, will be closed from Dec. 11 until Dec. 23.

Stadium Road will reopen Dec. 23, then will be reduced to one lane from Feb. 4 until Feb. 17. Whitehead Road will allow only single-lane traffic from Jan. 7 until Jan. 26. The southeast end of Whitehead Road will be closed during those dates.

When one-lane traffic is allowed, there will be flagmen during the day. At night, the road will either be restored to two-lane traffic or traffic control signals will be in place.

The road closures and construction work will hamper access to several University parking lots, affecting W4, T3, T4, E3, Red and S6 permit-holders. U.Va.'s Department of Parking and Transportation has reassigned some permits to parking lots south of Whitehead Road during phases of the construction. Other permit-holders will access their parking lots via alternate routes. The W4 parking area will be permanently eliminated by the construction, as will a section of the T4 lot near Olsson Hall.

Handicapped parking spaces behind Olsson Hall are being moved to the closest accessible pathways that will remain during construction.

Parking and Transportation will also re-route buses around the construction.

To accommodate construction, several trees must be removed from Stadium and Whitehead roads and from the Olsson Hall parking lot.

For information on the parking situation and for the altered bus routes during each phase of construction, visit www.virginia.edu/parking/construction.html. For information about the buildings, visit www.virginia.edu/communityrelations/whiteheadrd.html.