U.Va. Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry, DeGuzman Article Lauded

May 14, 2012 — In the most recent issue of the journal Policy, Politics and Nursing Practice, the lead editorial, "A Powerful Example of History's Lessons for Today," applauds the University of Virginia's Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry and research by U.Va. nursing doctoral student Pamela B. DeGuzman that highlights the pioneering nurse Nancy Milio and her 1960s-era nurse-managed health center in Detroit.

DeGuzman's article, "Addressing Disparities in Access to Care: Lessons From the Kercheval Street Clinic in the 1960s," published in the same issue of the journal, discusses Milio's work "in a broader context, pointing to its relevance to policy issues today, particularly the importance of NMHCs," or nurse-managed health centers, the editorial said.

DeGuzman, who will graduate with her Ph.D. this week, co-authored the article with nursing professor Arlene Keeling. It was based on the Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry's collection of Dr. Milio's papers and other materials related to the Moms and Tots Center on Kercheval Street. The center survived the 1967 Detroit riots – even while buildings all around it burned or were destroyed – because the neighborhood was invested in its success, Milio said in a 1970 book recounting the episode.

"I am grateful that we have the opportunity to publish Ms. DeGuzman's article," the editorial said, concluding, "I hope that it will also inspire other readers to learn about (or to revisit, as the case may be) the significant contributions of this pioneering and visionary policy leader who has done so much for decades to advance nursing, health, and social justice."