U.Va. Darden Professor Gregory Fairchild to Brainstorm at Google

July 25, 2008 — Google has invited Darden Professor Gregory Fairchild, whom they have called a ‘rising thought leader in his field,’ to attend the first Google Faculty UnConference next Tuesday, July 29, in Mountain View, California.

Google’s mission is to “Organize the World's Information and Make it Universally Accessible and Useful.”

According to Google, an "unconference" is a meeting where the content of the sessions is created and managed by the participants rather than a single organizer, with the aim of bringing together professors and Googlers with a diverse set of interests and backgrounds. The expectation is that the conference will promote lively discussion and innovative ideas and be a catalyst for information exchange among the assembled thought leaders.

Presentations and discussion topics could include:

• Game Theory Models for Determining Best Practices for Online Retailers

• The Neurology of Financial Decision-Making

• The Role of Social Networks in New Product Adoption

• Corporate Social Responsibility:  Doing the Right Thing for the Environment and the Bottom Line

• Curriculum 2.0:  Designing Courses that Engage the Millennial Generation

Fairchild teaches entrepreneurship courses in Darden's MBA program. His research, which has received several awards, focuses on entrepreneurship and economic growth, managerial innovations and management trends.

 Founded in 1955, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business is a professional school that works to improve society by developing leaders in the world of practical affairs.

For more information, contact communication@darden.virginia.edu.