U.Va. Engineering Undergraduates Will Present Their Research

April 16, 2009 — Selected University of Virginia engineering students will present their research April 29 at the Undergraduate Research Design Symposium, to be held from 11:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Dome Room of the Rotunda.

Using research posters, the students will explain their projects to classmates, prospective students and judges from School of Engineering and Applied Science faculty and the technology industry.

"We strive to offer our undergraduates ample opportunities for research and they, in turn, deliver innovative projects that are often on par with the work of graduate student research," said James Aylor, dean of the Engineering School. "Each year, I look forward to URDS so I can learn more about the amazing research they are doing."

The symposium is divided into individual and team tracks, with seven individuals and five teams.

This year's individual finalists are:

Erin Carson, "The quantification and management of uncertainty in smallpox intervention models"
William Carson, "Using spherical indentation to compare the material properties of synthetic and ex vivo prostate tissue in a clinical setting"
Paul Garver, "A portable and passive nasal airflow monitor"
Harutyan Gyurjyan, "Means and methods for simulating epicardial access and intrathoracic pressure profiles"
Alex Main, "Parallel volume fraction calculation utilizing the graphics processor"
Jonathan Merrell, "Stabilization of aortic aneurysms via delivery of ascorbic acid and retinoic acid through polymeric nanoparticles"
Jesse Quinlan, "Minimization of sonic-boom via fuselage shaping for the preliminary design of a supersonic commercial aircraft."

In the team category, the finalists are:

Kathryn Barbante, Kimberly Everett, Vinu Ilakkuvan, Lara Wooten, Katie Youell, "Development of a mechanical clamp for the treatment of uterine atony"
Ryan Cronk, Tallie Faircloth, Whitney Newton, Malcolm Sonnett, "A Peaceful Revolution: Community planning and water system assessment in San Lucas Tolimán, Guatemala"
Shokoufeh Dianat and Jenna Zhang, "Computational methods that reveal the selective pressures causing the influenza virus to mutate"
Linh Nguyen, Margaret Rush, Yihwa Yang, "Novel nanofibrous scaffolds with adipose-derived stem cells for tissue regeneration"
David Ryan and Amogh Sivarapatna. "Adipose stem cell tissue engineering for aortic aneurysm repair and regeneration"

Awards will be presented to the top finishers at a reception at Wilsdorf Hall following the presentations.