UVA Students, Alumni, Others Rally on Social Media

Beta Bridge: Hate Has No Place Here, We Choose Love

This image of Beta Bridge was shared thousands of times on social media on Sunday. (Contributed photo)

The University of Virginia and the City of Charlottesville were thrust into the national spotlight this weekend as neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups descended on the town, sparking a series of violent demonstrations.

One woman, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, was killed when an alleged white supremacist from Ohio drove his car into a crowd in downtown Charlottesville. Two Virginia State Police officers, H. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates, died when their helicopter crashed as they worked to protect the public. Dozens more people were injured, both in the car attack and in confrontations between protesters and counter-protesters.

The tragedy and chaos prompted swift reactions and commentary on social media, where many people flocked to gather information and share opinions. Condolences, opinions and analysis poured in from politicians, media and citizens around the world. Some of the posts came from people who had never visited Charlottesville or UVA, but many came from those who know the University best – the students, alumni and faculty who have helped make UVA what it is today.

Below, we have pulled together just a few of the thousands of responses posted online by UVA community members. The University also released several official statements and a Q&A with President Teresa A. Sullivan