U.Va.'s Shatin, Kobovy to Speak on 'Music and the Mind' at The Library of Congress

March 23, 2009 — University of Virginia music professor Judith Shatin and U.Va. psychology professor Michael Kubovy have been invited to give a talk in the Library of Congress' "Music and the Brain" series Friday at 6:15 p.m. at the Whitehall Pavilion. Their talk, "The Mind of the Artist," will focus on the semantic meaning of music.

They will discuss how music expresses meaning beyond the sound of notes and how composers provide extra-musical elements in their compositions. The talk is an outgrowth of a course, "The Mind of the Artist," they co-taught at U.Va.

Kubovy is known for his auditory research in cognitive psychology. Shatin explores the link between music, perceptual capacities and emotional responses in both her acoustic and electronic compositions.

A podcast of the talk will be available online.

The Music and the Brain series is presented by the library's Music Division and its Science, Technology and Business Division through the support of the Dana Foundation. The series was created to highlight an explosion of new research on music and the brain.