What’s Your Favorite Library, UVA?

Collage of a statue on books

Wednesday is a “reading day” at the University of Virginia, and if you are a student reading this, you are quite possibly frequenting one of the many libraries on Grounds, preparing for the final exams that stand between you and the upcoming holiday break.

We have one question you can answer without studying too much: What is your favorite library?

Are you an Alderman studier, happiest holing up in the stacks while staying within easy reach of Greenberry’s coffee? Do you thrive in the hustle and bustle of Clemons Library, open 24 hours a day for both night owls and early risers? Or, do you prefer somewhere like the Music Library, neatly tucked away in Old Cabell Hall?

Below, choose from some of the libraries on Central Grounds and find out more about your favorite spot. If you haven't found one yet, check out UVA Library's new study spaces app, now in beta form. 

What's your favorite library to study in on Grounds?