Winning Student Business Concepts Advance to U.Va. Entrepreneurship Cup Final

November 13, 2012

Eight student teams will advance to this week’s final competition of the University of Virginia Entrepreneurship Cup after earning the top spot in their respective track semifinals. The finalists will present their innovative business concepts to a panel of distinguished judges and the public at the final competition Friday at 1 p.m. in Bavaro Hall’s Holloway Hall.

Providing real-time feedback to each of the competitors will be judges Ngozi Bell, Region III advocate for the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy; Dana Goldsmith, an e-commerce and business development expert; Robert Patzig, senior managing director and chief investment officer at venture capital firm Third Security LLC; and U.Va. alumnus John Stacey, managing director at The Stacey Group LLC.

The competition is being sponsored by Third Security LLC, which has provided cash prizes for the top four finishers: $20,000, $10,000, $5,000 and $5,000, respectively.

Now in its fourth year, the U.Va. Entrepreneurship Cup is an annual business-concept competition open to all U.Va. undergraduates, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. A registered activity of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the E-Cup seeks to enrich the area’s entrepreneurial community by supporting the development of new ventures with the potential to solve societal and other problems.

Students were invited to enter one of eight tracks, each of which held semifinal competitions. Six schools (the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Curry School of Education, McIntire School of Commerce, Darden School of Business and the School of Law) hosted their own track, while the schools of Nursing and Medicine combined in a Health System track. There was also a separate track for social entrepreneurship projects, hosted by Student Entrepreneurs for Economic Development and the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.

For complete results of the track semifinal competitions, see below. The first-place team or individual from each track advanced to the finals.

College of Arts & Sciences

  • First place: “Virginia Toastie.” Evan H. Slotnick (Pre-Commerce ’16), J. Aaren Barge (Pre-Commerce, Computer Science ’16), Christopher L. Cai (Biomedical Engineering, Global Public Health ’16), Ben Harris (undecided ’16).
  • Second place: “Seed-ville.” Jessica M. Lee (Commerce, Computer Science ’15), Sinan Kurt Ulkuatam (Economics ’14), Jalen J. Ross (Systems Engineering ’15), Jesse R. Peterson (Economics ’15).
  • Third place: “CT Vision.” Ted Lichtenberger (History, Commerce ’13), Caelan T. Urquhart (Commerce ’13).

Curry School of Education

  • First place: “AdapDif,” adaptive differentiation for teachers. Mindy Moran (Ed.D. Gifted Education ’14), Caner Uguz (Ph.D. Instructional Technology ’14).
  • Second place: “The Throw Master,” a new equipment piece to help physical educators teach the overhand throw. Sean Healy (Ph.D. Adapted Physical Education ’15).
  • Third place: “SparkBoard.” Christine N. Hardigree (Ph.D. English Education ’15).

Darden School of Business

  • First place: “Speaker Social.” Owen G. Larkin III (Darden ’13).
  • Second place: “phoodE.” Alexandra K. Becker (Darden ’14).
  • Third place (tie): “Loan Registry.” Allison L. Fast (Darden ’13), Elizabeth Putze (Darden ’13).
  • Third place (tie): “MobilGym.” Monte Jones (Darden ’14), Nate David (Darden ’14).

Health System

  • First place: “PhageFlag,” developing a rapid diagnostic for disease. Shaun R. Moshasha (Chemistry, Physics ’13), Joseph J. Muldoon (Biology, Biochemistry ’13), Joshua H. Fass (Biomedical Engineering ’14), John Hubczak (Chemical Engineering ’13), Alexander J. Zorychta (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Syed M. Hassan (Computer Science ’13), Rachel Smith (Biomedical Engineering ’13).
  • Second place: “BacIn,” developing a device to treat Clostridium difficile. Zodina A. Beiene (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Rebecca F. Clemo (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Chuhern Hwang (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Alexander S. Nguyen (Biomedical Engineering ’13).
  • Third place: “Reprotonix.” Ashley R. McHugh (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Chandler B. Morrison (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Christina M. Rombola (Biomedical Engineering ’13).

McIntire School of Commerce

  • First place: “Yopo Bill Payment,” a platform to make group bill-paying easy and hassle free. Ted Lichtenberger (History, Commerce ’13), Caelan T. Urquhart (Commerce ’13), Zain Shaikh (Commerce, Political Thought ’13), Benjamin Terner (Computer Science ’14).
  • Honorable mention: “Pink Elephant,” a mobile point-of-sale and ordering platform for restaurants. Taylor D. Hunt (Commerce ’14), John P. Zambrotta (Computer Science, Economics ’14).
  • Honorable mention: “Provectus Solutions,” a facial-recognition platform to help small stores better understand their customers’ purchasing habits. Douglas P. Seifried (Commerce ’13), Tory Muller (Commerce ’13), Adam D. Rizzo (Commerce ’13), Andrew R. Neelon (Commerce ’13), Brett K. Merker (Commerce ’13).

School of Engineering and Applied Science

  • First place: “HD MicroSampling.” Andrew E. Andreae (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Timothy J. Higgins (Biomedical Engineering ’13), Jessica L. Ungerleider (Biomedical Engineering ’13).
  • Second place: “V-Pets.” Christophe D. Lejeune (Systems Engineering ’13).
  • Third place: “VELO Phase.” Katherine M. Campbell (Chemical Engineering ’14), Gabriella M. D’Agosto (Biomedical Engineering ’14), Samuel D. Ford (Commerce ’14), Cedric Heckel-Jones (Systems Engineering ’14).

School of Law

  • First place: “Bambubox.” Steven D. Ryan (Law ’13), Jason P. Norinsky (Law ’13), Geoffrey A. Glass (Law ’13).
  • Second place: “Druthers.” Matthew R. Kimberlin (Law ’13).
  • Third place: “Project Velocity.” Joseph Mathew (Law ’13).

Social Entrepreneurship

  • First place: “TestConnect.” David M. Hondula (Ph.D. Environmental Science), Aaron L. Williams (Ph.D. Systems Engineering).
  • Second place: “Authenticiti.” Elliot H. Rosenberg (Commerce, Latin American Studies ’13).

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