WTJU 91.1 FM To Cover History of Rock During Feb 13-19 Marathon

February 6, 2012 — WTJU, the University of Virginia's radio station, is holding its annual Rock Marathon and pledge drive Feb. 13-19.

The week of special programming will revisit beloved classics and offer new music adventures at 91.1 FM and WTJU.net. From Charlottesville indie rock bands to West African guitar, from doo-wop to dub techno, WTJU's Rock Marathon promises programming that is both inspired and inspirational, station manager Nathan Moore said.

This year's Rock Marathon schedule comes in fives: live performances from area bands for five straight nights; a five-part countdown of WTJU's most essential rock 'n' roll tracks of all time; and seminal songs spanning five decades from 2002, 1992, 1982, 1972 and 1962.

"For some people, technological changes have made radio seem rather old-fashioned, but we do something pretty amazing at WTJU," said Dominic DeVito, long3time WTJU rock deejay. "We curate and present under-the-radar music without commercials and we treat our listeners as intelligent people who want to be a part of this community, part of this cultural experience."

Special guests and scheduled shows include:

• live performances by Charlottesville area bands Girl Choir, Mountains, Fire Tapes, Corsair and Borrowed Beams of Light;

• the return of celebrated WTJU DJ alumnae "Spot" and "That Girl";

• a five-part countdown of the Top 50 tracks of all time; and

• a special focus on Michael Azerrad's chronicle of the 1980s underground rock scene, "Our Band Could Be Your Life."

The full schedule of live performances and rock marathon specials is at WTJU.net.

"WTJU is undergoing a renaissance of student participation," said Zak Krone, WTJU rock director and a fourth-year U.Va. student. "In the three years I've been here, this is the most student deejays we've had, and this Rock Marathon features three dozen shows hosted by students. WTJU has been the single most important thing for helping me to discover great artists. You can find anything on the Internet, but at WTJU, it finds you and you discover you love it."

WTJU encourages listeners to donate online at WTJU.net, or by calling 434-924-3959 during the marathon. Donations are tax-deductible, and go a long way toward ensuring WTJU stays strong and independent.

WTJU presents original, rich and diverse programming of music and other forms of expression free from the direct constraints of commercial interests, reflecting the broadest educational goals of the University.

Media Contact

Nathan Moore

General Manager, WTJU-FM