One of Virginia’s darkest stories is coming to the big screen. UVA’s Center for Politics is partnering with Charlottesville activist and executive producer Tanesha Hudson and the Martinsville 7 Initiative to tell the story of the Martinsville Seven and the hurt that still haunts the area more than seven decades later.
One of Virginia’s darkest stories is coming to the big screen. UVA’s Center for Politics is partnering with Charlottesville activist and executive producer Tanesha Hudson and the Martinsville 7 Initiative to tell the story of the Martinsville Seven and the hurt that still haunts the area more than seven decades later.
When the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the world in 2020, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Rita Dove had not published a book of her own work for more than a decade. Yet, the former U.S. Poet Laureate never stopped writing the entire time. “The trigger for the collection coming together was indeed the pandemic, because all of a sudden, my calendar was clear,” she said. This collection of poems became “Playlist for the Apocalypse,” published last year.
The congressional hearings stemming from these separate political crises have some stark similarities. Ken Hughes, a historian and Watergate expert at UVA’s Miller Center, offers a nuanced analysis of two primetime presentations separated by five decades.
Although monkeypox is not a disease specifically connected to the LGBTQ+ community, men who have sex with other men and individuals who frequently engage in sex with multiple partners are most at risk. Dr. Patrick Jackson, a UVA infectious disease expert, said that “people who are in these risk groups should take monkeypox quite seriously. They should be aware of their health, their partner’s health [and] get tested, if there are any concerns.” 
(Subscription may be required) When “No Fear and Blues Long Gone: Nina Simone” opens Wednesday in Culbreth Theatre at the University of Virginia, performer Yolanda Rabun and poet and playwright Howard L. Craft will be offering audience members a chance to witness the relevancy of the singer, pianist and civil rights activist in an era that still sees facets of an extraordinary talent emerging.
Area residents and visitors can help people facing food insecurity throughout the month of August. On Reserve – a student-run nonprofit at UVA that partners with local restaurants, grocery stores and other charitable organizations to help reduce food insecurity in the local area – and Giant Food have teamed up.
Preteens are exploring their place in the world, but they need open communication and support at home more than ever, even if they act like they don’t. “If you tell them you’re always there for them, the likelihood is they’ll roll their eyes, and that’s OK,” says Nancy Deutsch, a UVA professor of education. “That’s what they’re supposed to do.”
(Commentary co-written by Emma Fuentes, undergraduate English major) Roe is gone. Now, thinkers on the right and left are jockeying to interpret what this moment requires of our politics. There are often intractable differences between the two camps, but unfortunately both are attempting to determine the future of post-Roe America without reference to fathers and their role in forming strong families.
Fans can wear their favorite Cavalier student-athlete’s jersey, while student-athletes can now financially benefit from jersey sales. The UVA athletics department announced that fans can now order custom fan jerseys personalized with participating UVA student-athletes’ last names and numbers or with the fan’s own name and number combination.
As the United States’ Civil War ended in 1865 and many defeated Southern cities lay in ruins, a handful of ex-Confederates who ended up leaving their ill-fated secessionist nation opted for a perhaps unlikely destination: Mexico. The narrative of what happened to members of the Confederate army after the war’s end is addressed in a new book about this period of history: “Ends of War: The Unfinished Fight of Lee’s Army After Appomattox” by University of Virginia professor Caroline Janney.
The Blue Ridge Poison Center at UVA Health is seeing a sharp spike in calls related to Delta 8 products. Delta 8 THC is a compound that naturally occurs in very small amounts in cannabis flowers, but can be extracted and distilled. It can then be sprayed onto hemp flower for smoking, or made into edibles, like gummies. Dr. Christopher Holstege, who directs the Blue Ridge Poison Center, said the gummies in particular have become a problem. 
According to new rankings from U.S. News & World Report, released Tuesday, the University of Virginia Medical Center was ranked second in the state, and rated particularly high in orthopedics, pulmonology and ophthalmology.
(By Sarah Turner, professor of education and economics) As the Biden administration debates loan forgiveness, some 3 million student borrowers – many of them teachers – are eligible for more than $100 billion in debt relief. But do they know? 
(Subscription may be required) Art collecting began as an adventure in giving for two of Roanoke’s best-known philanthropists. But as years passed, Heywood and Cynthia Fralin’s own trove was growing. In 2012, the couple donated a collection of American art to the University of Virginia, his alma mater. The school’s rector and board of visitors re-named the museum after them, in honor of the gift.
(Subscription may be required) Justin Kirkland, a UVA associate professor of politics and public policy, said some legislators around the country argue legislating through the budget is sometimes necessary because it’s the only way to get important policies passed in a timely manner. But this argument doesn’t hold up, the professor said. 
(Subscription may be required) UVA Health began weekly COVID-19 briefings to discuss one epidemic, but used Friday’s meeting to discuss the reality of tackling two epidemics at once. There are now 64 cases of monkeypox across the state – a number that has been steadily rising on a weekly basis – and one case in the Blue Ridge Health District, according to the Virginia Department of Health. 
Registered Republicans now outnumber Democrats in Florida, Kentucky, and West Virginia after years of trailing, according to data from Sabato’s Crystal Ball at UVA’s Center for Politics
UVA Professor of Politics Carol Mershon analyzes the ramifications of the resignation of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and the country’s complicated political system. 
(Subscription may be required) Plenty has changed for the Hoos over the last 12 months, but the most significant constant is quarterback Brennan Armstrong, who new coach Tony Elliott has had the luxury of inheriting and leaning on to help spread and establish his ways of operating throughout the rest of the team.