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Trump’s changes to Ohio’s electorate likely will be enduring, in part because some of them already were in motion before his run for president, said Kyle Kondik, managing editor for Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the UVA Center for Politics.

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According to the Supreme Court of Illinois, Justice James D. Heiple, the author of the controversial 1999 “Baby Richard” adoption case ruling, passed away on Monday at OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria from complications following a brain hemorrhage. He was 87. IN 1988, he received a Master of Lawss degree from the UVA School of Law.

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Micah Mazurek and Gerrit Van Schalkwyk, professors at the University of Virginia and University of Utah, respectively, described two separate studies they conducted that confirmed the positive influence of social media in neurodiverse teenagers’ and adults’ lives.

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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are taking office during a very divisive time in the United States, and a political analyst says it’s going to be a long few days for the pair. “The first year is going to be a balancing act between getting new initiatives and reversing Trump’s initiatives,” said Dr. Larry Sabato, director of UVA’s Center for Politics. Sabato’s main advice to President Biden: Win over a small percentage of conservative-leaning independents, but also some older GOP lawmakers.


(Video) Larry Sabato, UVA Center for Politics director, joins CNBC’s coverage of the President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony to discuss what President Biden will have to address when he first takes office.

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A UVA English professor and fourth-generation sewist (a neologism for people who sew) with 25 years of experience, Lisa Woolfork founded “Stitch Please” in September 2019. Her vision for the show manifested in the aftermath of Charlottesville’s deadly Unite the Right rally in August 2017, during which Woolfork channeled “trauma and tragedy into a pathway towards hope and healing for Black women” and created the sewing group Black Women Stitch.

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Yet, thanks to Trump, many of the inaugural traditions that are key to reinforcing U.S. democratic norms will be absent, said Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. Trump “already destroyed that by -- almost two weeks ago now -- fomenting the insurrection against the Capitol,” Perry said. Biden’s administration must now “seize back our constitutional system, seize back our democratic republic, seize back as many of the traditions as they can.”

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(Video) After four tumultuous years under President Trump, America will have a new commander in chief. Trump will not be attending the Inauguration ceremony for incoming President Joe Biden. Larry Sabato, director of UVA’s Center for Politics, discusses this and more.


Down the hall from Kipnis’s former lab at the University of Virginia was another team of researchers who, inspired by his work, began investigating whether lymphatic vessels play a role in concussions. Graduate student Ashley Bolte and immunologist John Lukens worked with mice to see whether a blow to the head affected the rodents’ lymphatic vessels.

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The founders of a Charlottesville-based apparel company had quite the surprise Wednesday afternoon when they noticed former President George W. Bush was sporting their mask design at the inauguration. The company, RHOBACK, started as a lifestyle activewear brand about four years ago. Two of its three founders are graduates of UVA’s Darden School of Business.

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Jennifer Lawless, a UVA politics professor, said Jill Biden will “knock down a glass ceiling” for first ladies and, along with Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, who is leaving his job to become America’s first ever second gentleman, represents an evolution of U.S. politics. 


(Video) Barbara Perry, the Gerald L. Baliles professor and director of presidential studies at UVA’s Miller Center, discusses the spiritual tone in President Biden’s inaugural address. 


(Video) Larry Sabato of the UVA Center for Politics weighs in on Donald Trump’s possible next moves after leaving the White House.

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In 1826, months after Thomas Jefferson died, the Rotunda at the University of Virginia was completed. A memorial just east of the Rotunda was dedicated 194 years later in remembrance of the enslaved laborers who built it. On Tuesday, five names were added.


The scaled-down Inauguration Day events represent a loss of what some scholars call “a civil religion” that binds people together, says Barbara Perry, director of presidential studies at UVA’s Miller Center. “When we don’t have the serious parts of our [civil religion], the celebratory parts of that, it’s like losing one’s religion and ceremonies all at the same time,” she says.

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The switch in tone between President Trump and President Biden is undeniable. “Biden said he is the president for all Americans – that’s not talk we heard in the last four years,” J. Miles Coleman, a political analyst with UVA’s Center for Politics, said. 

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UVA Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato is calling the inauguration of Joe Biden a ‘return to normalcy.’ However, Sabato says a great deal of what Donald Trump did will have to be reversed to truly reset the path. 


When politics and ideology get mixed into a pitch, it becomes difficult for companies. Those advertisers will stay as mainstream as possible in the message and the media they buy and avoid extreme opinion news outlets in the hope that doing so makes their pitch  more salient in consumers’ minds than other issues. “For example, an element of the Coke brand has been ‘unity,’” said Kim Whitler, associate professor at UVA’s Darden School of Business.


Biden used the word 11 times throughout his address. “What was fascinating to me about it was that he started and ended with democracy,” said Bill Antholis, the director and CEO of the Miller Center, a nonpartisan affiliate of UVA that specializes in presidential scholarship. He attributed the theme of Biden’s speech to the Capitol riot and the events that preceded it. “I think this was a very different speech than the one that would have been written if Trump had conceded on the morning of Nov. 4,” he said.

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Laura Morgan Roberts, professor of practice at UVA’s Darden School of Business, says remote work “may challenge people’s ability to compartmentalize”; the home is meant to be your sanctuary and when a worker is forced to code-switch in that environment, it may feel like that freedom is being constrained. As remote work blends the personal and the professional, this may have a negative effect on the well-being of workers who have relied on code-switching to get through their workdays.