A divided government doesn’t mean more cooperation, says UVA scholar Russell Riley. Instead, it’s “more akin to putting armed gladiators in the arena.”  
What is the “Bechdel Test” and why do so many films flunk it? Media studies professor Andrea Press discusses feminism and film.  
UVA professor Gregory Saathoff is a co-founder of an group that strives to honor and appreciate the sacrifice of military service members and military families.  
Psychologist Joseph Allen likens social isolation to malnutrition for teens. “It’s like watching a child go through a growth spurt without getting any protein in their diet.”
News outlets ought to financially guarantee the accuracy of their reports, and challenge readers to dispute it, according to an innovative idea from a law professor.
The combination of new early voting laws and UVA pausing classes for the first time on Election Day made voting more accessible than ever for students.
Brazilian-born UVA professor David Nemer comments on a controversial government crackdown on political misinformation in his home country.
Most experts agree: Time changes need to go. But standard or daylight saving? Biologist Ali Güler, a sleep expert, said he has a strong preference.
Can going outside with wet hair in the winter make you sick? Pediatrician Dr. Diane Pappas says “no way.”
A new generation of more effective COVID vaccines is on the horizon, including one under development in the lab of UVA’s Steven Zeichner.
Darden School of Business professor Jim Detert offers tips for ferreting out “quiet quitters” who are no longer as engaged with their employer’s mission.
Moms are a political force in voting, but are underrepresented as candidates. Politics professor Jennifer Lawless shares some ideas about that disparity.
Beyond politics, UVA sociology professor Ian Mullins warns that violence is being deemed more acceptable in all parts of American society.
Site Selection magazine recently ranked Virginia No. 1 in the nation for business climate, and credited the state’s higher education system as a major factor.
In an hourlong, wide-ranging webinar, UVA Center for Politics Director Larry Sabato set the stage for Tuesday’s midterm elections. His forecast: Gridlock.
Three alumni discussed their documentary on a 250-mile paddle down the James River in advance of its Virginia Film Festival screening.
Professor Daniel Ortiz, director of the School of Law’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, argued a case Tuesday before the U.S. Supreme Court.
With scrutiny of police departments at a high, the UVA Police recently co-hosted a public workshop on procedural justice.
Is it easier to control a kid’s screen time in a traditional two-parent family? A UVA sociologist is part of a study that makes that case.
Republicans need to gain just one seat to take control of the U.S. Senate, but one week out, that looks like a coin flip, UVA’s Center for Politics says.