... Studies have linked early puberty to earlier experiences with alcohol, drugs and sex. A 2006 University of Virginia study noted, “Early maturing girls are more likely to exhibit poor academic performance in high school than on-time or later maturing peers.”
True to the aphorism, couples who pray together stay together, said study co-author W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, and "African American couples are more likely to have a shared spiritual identity as a couple."
As an assistant public defender in Georgia, Darryl Brown occasionally handled cases where he thought an offender’s sentence was extreme for the crime committed, especially for younger defendants. Brown, now the O.M. Vicars Professor of Law at the University of Virginia… is researching overcriminalization — the idea that the country has too many laws and punishments that are too harsh. Brown is advocating for a legislative method that resists creating crimes and repeals older crimes, although he said he’s not optimistic that it will happen soon.
... Psychologists like [U.Va.'s Jonathan] Haidt are leading a wave of research into the so-called moral emotions — not just disgust, but others like anger and compassion — and the role those feelings play in how we form moral codes and apply them in our daily lives. A few, like Haidt, go so far as to claim that all the world’s moral systems can best be characterized not by what their adherents believe, but what emotions they rely on.
The new technique in use at the University of Virginia Medical Center to fix sinus problems, in a nutshell, is to stick a balloon up a patient’s nose and use it to bend tiny bones inside the head. The procedure is considered a less-invasive alternative to traditional surgeries...
The University of Virginia expects 3,246 first-year students to move in Saturday, among them 1,035 who are from out of state. ... For school officials, out-of-state students are an extra source of revenue for tight budgets. This year, U.Va. expects to generate $78.9 million, or 37 percent of tuition revenue, from in-state undergraduates but $132.2 million, or 63 percent, from out-of-state undergraduates. That's despite in-state students making up nearly 69 percent of undergraduates, spokeswoman Carol Wood said.
Marc Selverstone Assistant director for Presidential Studies at the Miller Center of Public Affairs Could President Obama replace Biden with Hillary in 2012? Daily Caller / Aug. 13 Larry Sabato A politics professor and director of the Center for Politics Anti-Incumbent? Yes, But Maybe Not So Much NPR / Aug. 12 and Connecticut Races Promise a Fight Wall Street Journal / Aug. 12 and Political analyst predicts GOP gains in Congress Charleston Gazette (W.Va.) / Aug. 12
New University of Virginia president, Teresa Sullivan is inviting students, staff, faculty and the rest of the University community to a day of dialogue on prevent violence and increasing campus safety. In a letter to the university community, Sullivan wrote that she has scheduled a full day, September 24, where students can discuss violence prevention and campus safety.
Geoffrey Blackwell Law School graduate, member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and former FCC senior attorney and liaison to Tribal Governments from 1999 to 2005, named head of the FCC's new Office of Native Affairs and Policy, tasked to expand broadband availability in tribal lands and Native communities.
In the early 1980s U.Va. president Teresa A. Sullivan partnered with then-University of Houston professor Elizabeth Warren to study Americans who were ending up in bankruptcy court after a new bankruptcy code took effect in 1979.  What they found surprised Warren.
... Recently Miller-McCune covered research led by Medha Tare, a psychologist at the University of Virginia. In a Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology report, her team explored...
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Virginia, a nonprofit, university-related organization designed to provide continuous learning to active adults, will conduct classes beginning Sept. 14 at the R.R. Smith Center for History and Art. Classes will meet during the day once a week for three to six weeks. There are no tests involved, just learning for fun.
The University of Virginia Center for Politics' Youth Leadership Initiative hosted a workshop for West Virginia teachers Thursday.  Gov. Joe Manchin and Secretary of State Natalie Tennant were among the featured speakers.
At the University of Virginia today, a protest is planned over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's attempt to obtain records about climate change research conducted there -- an attempt that faculty members view as intimidation of scholars whose findings offend the Republican politician. The university, at the behest of its faculty, has gone to court to block the attorney general's information request, and a decision could come as soon as today.
The murder of Yeardley Love at the University of Virginia is sparking proposals for policy changes that could affect all Virginia universities and colleges. Next week, public and private colleges across the Commonwealth will get a letter from UVA administrators, inviting schools to contact each other when serious incidents involving students happen on campus.
By Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman, a professor of law New York City is one of the world’s great centers of fashion. So it’s not surprising that New York’s senior senator, Charles E. Schumer, would take an interest in fashion designers. Last week he introduced legislation that would rewrite copyright law to cover their designs. But his bill could hurt the fashion industry more than it would help, and raise consumer prices along the way.
Virginia Tech will follow the lead of the University of Virginia in strengthening the procedures through which students are to disclose run-ins with police, Tech officials said this week. UVa announced Monday that students now will be required annually to notify officials in writing of any arrests or criminal convictions.
The University of Virginia says the 3,246 students who will move in on Aug. 21 will be among the strongest first-year class yet. For the first time, more than 90 percent of the incoming students were ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes, compared to 88.8 percent last year.