Katelyn Hale Wood studies what performance – especially comedy – does both to reflect and also shape how we understand ourselves as U.S. citizens, part of a particular group or outside of that group. more >
Entertainment industry insiders are striving to keep up with consumers’ appetite for video consumption, stay abreast of emerging technologies and keep quality high while guarding against content theft. more >
Photo Essay
A new exhibition at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library offers a rare glimpse into the many identities of William Faulkner. more >
Sensing an explosion in the industry, George Kliavkoff left his job at the largest and most profitable privately held media company in the United States to help globalize Jaunt VR, a young company promising to revolutionize cinematic virtual reality. more >
Alexis de Tocqueville, who helped define America, wanted his own people to understand their politics and revolution, but only after he was dead. University of Virginia history professor Olivier Zunz has edited a translation of the politician’s “Recollections.” more >
Margot Lee Shetterly unearthed the true story of the African-American women who helped launch John Glenn into space. The star-studded film adaptation of her book, hitting theaters this weekend, is earning Oscar buzz. more >
Three well-read members of the UVA community took to Facebook Live on Tuesday to discuss their recommendations of (mostly) new books with which to cozy up to the fire over the winter holidays. more >
Educational apps give parents peace of mind. But are they really teaching our children anything? Childhood development researchers at UVA measured what happened when children learned from wooden puzzles and touch screens. more >