The latest round of Awards for Projects in the Arts will fund journalism, dance and acting as three undergraduates express their creative sides. more >
UVA historian Waitman Wade Beorn’s meticulously crafted takedowns of faulty historical arguments have earned him an appreciative following in the social media world. more >
Architectural history professor Lisa Reilly and religious studies professor Nichole Flores discuss Notre Dame Cathedral, the fire that damaged it so extensively and considerations for its restoration. more >
Julia Kothmann is president of the Virginia Women’s Chorus, which will host its spring concert Saturday. The chorus has given her a home-away-from-home at UVA, and a special bond with her mother, Andrea. more >
Civic innovation and entrepreneurship, and how it relates to building a better Charlottesville, is the theme of this year’s Tom Tom Founder’s Festival. more >
Alumna Jia Tolentino is a staff writer for The New Yorker. She returned to Grounds this week to talk about the internet – how it made her career, and how it is making us all worse. more >
The UVA alum, one of the nation’s leading culture critics, talks about what he’s writing, reading and watching on television; who he thinks is “the greatest novelist in the English language”; and the best TV show he’s seen in a long time. more >
Between St. Patrick’s Day and the end of the semester, the University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Music will average more than one show per day. more >