With next week marking the one-year anniversary of the UVA men’s basketball team’s 2019 NCAA championship, UVA Today presents a reimagined version of a classic rap song.
Until in-person performances are possible again, Sunday night videos will bring the University of Virginia’s arts community to Hoos worldwide, continuing a series of faculty and student performances that President Jim Ryan began last month.
Micah Iverson, a 2016 graduate, bested thousands of other contestants to make it onto NBC’s hit reality singing show, “The Voice.” Tune in Monday night to cheer him on and vote him to the next round.
Tico Braun offers many suggestions to create a record of what’s happening – for the sake of history and to be part of a different kind of community.
The White House is considering an executive order to establish classical architecture as the preferred style for federal buildings. Professors Elizabeth Meyer, who serves on a federal design review board, and Sheila Crane, an architectural historian, provide some context.
The brainchild of President Jim Ryan, Provost Liz Magill and Vice Provost for the Arts Jody Kielbasa, the new series at Ryan’s home will feature up to eight performances during the academic year, all free for students, faculty and staff.
Neuroimaging shows the brain light up with activity when you are listening to music. During the teen years, many experiences – especially social experiences – imprint quite strongly. That’s why “Hotel California” makes those of a certain generation long for high school.
UVA’s Professor of Hip-Hop A.D. Carson, writes about the word “ampersand.” He also makes the world premiere of his new song “Ampersand,” which explores themes of home, economic insecurity, family, friends, success, sobriety, failure, alienation and making art.