UVA cultural historian Grace Hale revisits two momentous music festivals from a half-century ago – and discusses why they could not happen today.
A chance meeting led to Katie Couric’s involvement in Erin Bernhardt and Din Blankenship’s new documentary, which features three refugees in Clarkston, Georgia, and an unlikely friendship with a former Klansman.
Elizabeth Meyer has influenced some of America’s most significant landscapes, from UVA’s Academical Village to the Gateway Arch grounds, the National Mall and even Michelle Obama’s White House Kitchen Garden.
Rare Book School is dedicated to studying the history of the book as a cultural artifact and all that goes into making books (even digital texts), including the printing process.
Whether you love classical music, the triumphant “Monday Night Football” theme or the soulful ballads of British great Adele, you need to know about Katy Ambrose.
English professor Deborah McDowell taught Toni Morrison’s fiction and nonfiction, and knew the author, who died Monday. She said anyone interested in a loving and celebratory treatment of black people and of black culture should read Morrison.
A.D. Carson took his music to South Africa this summer and is hard at work on a new album. He’s also ready to welcome students back to UVA’s “Rap Lab” in New Cabell Hall for a brand new year of music.
Anyone who knows UVA knows the Corner equally well. A strip that has been inseparable from the University since its founding, take a look at the Corner through the years.