Faculty, staff and students are 3-D printing replicas of ancient Greek pottery to create models that are accurate down to the last millimeter and can be freely studied and handled without putting centuries-old art at risk. more >
At UVA, religious studies professor Nichole Flores is communicating the ways that Catholic thought fits into public contexts and serves as a moral compass on a range of societal issues –¬ even if one does not attend a Catholic church. more >
After attending UVA’s Creative Writing Program, Greg Jackson and Thomas Pierce have each received the National Book Foundation’s “5 Under 35” award for work that “promises to leave a lasting impression on the literary landscape.” more >
Students and faculty from UVA’s School of Architecture designed improvements to the first lady’s garden, unveiled Wednesday just before children from all over the country gathered at the White House for Mrs. Obama’s last harvest. more >
Zuhal Feraidon, who was born in Afghanistan, has earned international recognition for artwork bringing attention to the daily dangers facing women in modern Afghanistan. more >
Filmed entirely in Virginia, “Loving” is already an Oscar frontrunner for its portrayal of Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple whose fight for the right to marry resulted in a landmark Supreme Court ruling. more >
James Perla produces “Maps, Magic and Medicine,” a podcast that brings together many voices on ecological and cultural diversity in the Amazon region, including some from indigenous people and some from UVA. more >
Professor Emeritus Richard Crozier, who will release a book of paintings Saturday, paints Charlottesville from the front seat of his Volkswagen, where he has created thousands of paintings spanning more than four decades. more >