Everson is widely known for artistic films highlighting the African-American working class and sought after for his teaching skills. His work is now being featured at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. more >
Alumna Amanda Upson leapt from a law career to one in film and hasn’t looked back. She recently was named to Forbes’ “Forty Women to Watch Over 40” list. more >
Take a look back at some of the year’s most notable performances, memorable moments and spectacular shows. more >
After finding the practice of writing an empowering way to reclaim her sense of self as she dealt with breast cancer, poet Charlotte Matthews is taking her writing workshops to other women at UVA Cancer Center, online and elsewhere. more >
Using cutting-edge, web-based digital tools developed at UVA, students created dynamic visualizations of the history and culture of Tibet, as seen through the eyes of a contemporary artist, in the seminar, “Introduction to the Digital Liberal Arts.” more >
Whether you have a long winter break or just want to find a new good book, here are a dozen recent titles that could be just the thing for you and other readers you know. more >
Professor Shilpa Davé appeared in a new documentary already generating a lot of buzz. She discusses a beloved Indian character on “The Simpsons,” the problematic stereotypes he represents and how Asian-American representation on TV is changing. more >
Photo Essay
WTJU started in Old Cabell in 1957. Take a look back at 60 years of students spinning music – and sporting some pretty incredible fashions along the way. more >