A.D. Carson took his music to South Africa this summer and is hard at work on a new album. He’s also ready to welcome students back to UVA’s “Rap Lab” in New Cabell Hall for a brand new year of music.
Anyone who knows UVA knows the Corner equally well. A strip that has been inseparable from the University since its founding, take a look at the Corner through the years.
“Ask Again, Yes,” the third novel from Keane, a 2005 alumna of UVA’s Creative Writing Program, won “The Tonight Show” host’s summer reading contest, and she’ll appear on an August episode.
During a new paid internship at UVA’s School of Architecture, Charlottesville high schoolers studied local design and history, took a field trip to Washington, D.C. and designed a park for a South First Street neighborhood.
One alumnus donated Dutch master works in honor of his favorite professors; another chose to honor UVA President Emerita Teresa A. Sullivan. One late alumnus’ Joan Mitchell paintings are finding new life in a Charlottesville gallery.
Original Rotunda drawings and miniature books are just a few of the rare treasures to be found in UVA’s Special Collections Library.
English professor Stephen Railton and colleagues from around the world will keep working on “Digital Yoknapatawpha,” for the love of Southern author William Faulkner and the collaboration they appreciate.
Jazz musician John D’earth dissects the work of jazz masters for summer students who are more than casual listeners, in an effort to get them inside the music.