The Corner is not a typical final exam setting, but A.D. Carson’s “Composing Mixtapes” course is not a typical course. Carson challenged 14 students to write, record and produce an entire mixtape. more >
Graduating student Micah Watson has already earned one national award for playwriting. Her professors doubt it will be her last. more >
Kaufman, whose work has won Tony and Emmy awards, will give a public talk and meet with students in UVA’s Drama Department. more >
With a recent National Endowment for the Humanities grant, English professor John O’Brien and Christine Ruotolo, the University Library’s director of arts and humanities, will expand a website that teachers and students can count on for providing authoritative texts. more >
Photo Essay
This 2017 UVA graduate is a chemist by day and an artist by night. Just about a year into this double act, she is debuting her first solo art show, part of this week’s Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville. more >
Is digital life enabling humans to extend their capabilities and potentials? Or is it somehow diminishing our humanity? UVA’s interdisciplinary journal examines “The Human and the Digital.” more >
This year’s Humanities Week, created and produced by students, is organized around the theme “Civil Resistance.” Sponsored by UVA’s Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, the annual program continues through Saturday. more >
During special screenings at UVA and downtown on Wednesday, the alumna and veteran broadcast journalist will discuss her new National Geographic series, which takes on contentious topics like the Aug. 11 and 12 rallies in Charlottesville. more >