Investing in talent – not just tax breaks – is the best way to bring businesses to Virginia, the architect of the state’s deal with Amazon said Friday at UVA.
Alex Cowan believes everyone should learn to code. Here, he explains why, and how the methodologies differ for business people vs. career coders.
Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration Michael Lenox explores the word “disruption,” which, when taken in the context of business theory, means an innovation that creates a new market.
What decisions would potential employees make if they could see their career path 10 to 15 years out? A UVA economist is part of a team crafting a model to show how various jobs are likely to turn out in the long run.
A new lab, part of UVA’s Democracy Initiative, is examining the cause and cost of corruption throughout the world. It kicked off its activities Tuesday by hearing from an anti-corruption activist.
Financier-turned-activist William Browder, called “Russia’s Most Wanted Man” by The New Yorker, started his global fight against corruption after his lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, died in Russian custody.
Home to the nation’s longest-running presidential oral history program, “secret White House tapes” and numerous scholars, White House alumni and public policy experts, the Miller Center is uniquely equipped to offer historical perspective on this week’s hearings.
Misran Dolan’s project with UVA’s Democracy Initiative raises awareness of threats Uyghurs – including his extended family members – face in China, including “reeducation camps” and a rising surveillance state.