Former Cavalier volleyball player Alexis Sutton has found her niche with the creation of an online landscape design company that walks customers through every step of a project – remotely.
As part of its new Civility Project, the UVA Center for Politics invited Chris Krebs, Jamelle Bouie, Tara Setmayer and David Ramadan to discuss challenges facing America’s two-party system.
Mary Ellen and Rob Isaacson met by chance 35 years ago. Today, the couple owns and operates Chocolatesville, a chocolate store located in Charlottesville.
Media studies assistant professor Lana Swartz takes a deep dive into the recent stock surge of GameStop, which rocked Wall Street and again highlighted the power of social media.
Batten professor Gerry Warburg spoke with two dozen legislators about why they keep avoiding tough votes on matters of war and peace.
Where have all the students gone? How many are missing? Bob Pianta, dean of the School of Education and Human Development, is among those seeking to tackle these questions and more.
In an effort to empower women to understand more about their skin and bodies so that they can take a proactive role in their health and avoid hardships like she endured, alumna Allie Egan has started a new skin care company called Veracity.
In a virtual discussion with UVA President Jim Ryan, experts on the “digital divide” explored how lack of internet access creates major barriers to education, health care, and more. Here are three key takeaways.