Four Darden professors explore the future of investing, from Wall Street’s pandemic rally to gamification, Bitcoin and NFTs. Confused? Read on.
President Biden’s homeland security adviser, Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, joined George W. Bush’s homeland security adviser, Frances Townsend, for UVA’s third “Democracy Dialogues” event.
Batten professor Craig Volden no longer designs spacecraft; instead, he’s engineering a metric to combat political gridlock.
As calls mount for a national COVID commission similar to the 9/11 inquiry, 9/11 Commission Director Philip Zelikow is leading a UVA-based group to pave the way.
Mark Apelt’s spit-free “Blowzee” allows birthday boys and girls to blow out their candles in a safe and fun new way. It’s made the rounds in national and international media.
Applications are expected to launch in August for the new degree format’s start in late summer 2022.
On Twitter, peers at other law schools made note of the hiring wave, drawing analogies to winning sports teams, popular films and other cultural touchstones.
Alumnus John Dunlap, who worked at the San Diego Zoo and is now president at SeaWorld San Diego, talks pandas, flamingos, seals, sea lions and more.