History professor Jeffrey Rossman analyses relations between Russia and the United States, which have had low points in the past. What will happen after the leadership change in Washington? more >
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A wildly successful “Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants” campaign with clothing company Vineyard Vines introduced Matt and Kristina Loftus to high-end retail. Two years later, the newly married Darden students launched their own activewear line. more >
The National Commission on Financing 21st Century Higher Education, an initiative of UVA’s Miller Center, made its recommendations for funding the future of higher education and making postsecondary education possible for more Americans. more >
Eric Chyn’s public housing research earned national attention and revealed new ways to maximize the impact of one of the government’s largest programs. He starts at UVA next month, ready to continue his research and help others get started. more >
Christine Mahoney, an associate professor of public policy and politics, discusses her recent fieldwork in northern Iraq and the battle of Mosul’s impact on the growing refugee crisis. more >