Ten young leaders from nine countries in Latin America are spending several weeks in Charlottesville as part of a White House initiative aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and non-profits in the hemisphere. more >
Seth Hooper had already consulted with French officials as his startup, Respit Solutions, works on a better refugee shelter system. This week, they asked him to return as the Calais camp closes and 1,000 unaccompanied minors must find new shelter. more >
In “Messengers of the Right,” Assistant Professor Nicole Hemmer examines the predecessors to today’s conservative media and the history of their rise to prominence. more >
The global operations of the PwC Network spans 157 territories. Carol Sawdye, as global chief operating officer of the network, is closely monitoring the global impact of the U.K.’s decision. more >
The Economist, a London-based international business outlet, also tabbed Darden as offering the No. 3 overall MBA program in the world. more >
The upcoming presidential election presents an opportunity for teachers to engage students in critical thinking and decision-making skills, according to Patrice Grimes, an associate professor at UVA’s Curry School of Education. more >
While most Americans are focused on the national stage, Assistant Professor Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner teaches how to make an impact in the political arenas that directly affect us the most: the ones in our hometowns. more >
The “2016 Survey of American Political Culture” reveals the troubling pulse of the American electorate, from distrust of politicians to suspicions about Wall Street and a system “rigged” to benefit the wealthiest Americans. more >