An early fascination with American jazz music, and the discovery of a Jewish equivalent in Europe, sparked a career in the growing field of Jewish studies.
A UVA pilot study found that administering blood platelets faster posed no complications, which means kids with cancer can spend less time hooked to IV poles.
UVA Engineering faculty members are leading a $3.2 million, multi-university study that could one day lead to better treatments for cystic fibrosis.
Even after controlling for factors like political affiliation, researchers found that high individualism offset state lockdown measures by 41%, and reduced COVID-related charitable giving by 48%.
The key finding is that individual actions matter, the researchers said. If enough individuals stay home and take precautions when in the community, it can truly change the infection curve.
The study represents the first experimental evidence showing that exercise can reduce the severity of macular degeneration, which affects millions.
The discovery could lead to new treatments to prevent deadly cytokine storms, and may explain why people with diabetes have worse outcomes.
A “smart containment strategy” for COVID-19 that focuses on testing, tracing and quarantining the infected could save the U.S. economy about $10 trillion compared to letting the disease spread, economist Anton Korinek said.