A Monday seminar, “Advancing the Practice of Transdisciplinary Research: Disasters, Bio-Threats, and Social Behavior,” kicks off a series of Building Bridges Lectures, sponsored by UVA’s four pan-University institutes. more >
Much to his surprise, William Stilley is now the CEO of Charlottesville-based Adial Pharmaceuticals, which is testing a tablet that could reduce the craving for alcohol among those with a specific genetic makeup. more >
Medical researchers Gary Owens, left, and Molly R. Kelly-Goss collaborated to make the discovery, which will advance the burgeoning field of angiogenesis, or blood vessel formation. (UVA Health System photo) more >
Mohamad Alipour said teaching computers to recognize visual patterns can improve efficiency in civil engineering operations; he hopes to use them to inspect bridges and buildings, as well as to get the general public involved in spotting problems. more >
The discovery raises the possibility of genetic screenings to identify the risk of hearing loss, leading to earlier treatment. more >
Twenty-two million Americans have sleep apnea. But the biomechanics of this health problem are not well-understood. An engineering professor is mapping out better understanding. more >
The goal for UVA and its statewide partners: move discoveries from basic science labs to use in hospitals and clinics through Virginia. more >
In a health news site’s bracket-style “STATS Madness” contest, revelations from UVA brain researcher Jonathan Kipnis’s lab are up against a discovery at Duke University. more >