Geologist Alan Howard compares surface features on planets and moons with those on Earth. He has suggestions regarding a future NASA mission to Europa. more >
A pair of UVA graduate student researchers are advancing the jet engine, with sponsorship from Rolls-Royce. more >
The new professorships are part of the University’s ongoing response to the white supremacist demonstrations of August 2017, and will examine social, cultural and political issues that contributed to those events. more >
UVA Drs. Timothy and Shayna Showalter are pioneering and testing a “more targeted, more powerful, more personalized and potentially more effective” approach to treating patients with early-stage breast cancer. more >
Cyberattack detection is reactive, and therefore slow on the draw. A group of computer experts intends to speed the response. A lot. more >
The problem is especially acute in rural areas, the researchers said. They suggest financial incentives for medical professionals to provide in-home care, and called for an expansion of telemedicine. more >
Refugee children are significantly less likely to become immunized than native-born children, but that may not be for a lack of parents’ desire to have their child safeguarded. more >
A “scoreboard” that tracks a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes can offer encouragement for changing diet and exercise habits, the researchers found. more >