The researchers “would like people to know that fat can be fit, and that fit and healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes.”
Third-year engineering student Avery Walters crafts innovative designs for harsh environments.
At question is the role of osteoclasts, which cause bone degradation – but also stimulate normal bone regrowth. Researchers are searching for ways to slow their work without eliminating them.
A UVA doctor explains how these treatments help, but emphasizes that there is no substitute for getting vaccinated.
The findings pave the way for treatments to combat a health problem that affects more than 40% of American adults.
In a summer nanoSTAR pilot program, nine undergraduates were matched with nanotechnology labs throughout the University to engineer and commercialize their intellectual property.
Our climate is changing rapidly, and our oceans are changing with it. A new center will bring together researchers from a variety of fields to give science a better understanding of what that will mean for life on Earth.
Renée Cummings, of UVA’s School of Data Science, is working with graduate students to develop an algorithmic tool to evaluate the impact of AI-inspired law enforcement technologies.