It’s winter, and flu season. Can flu seasons be forecasted like the weather? Biocomplexity researchers are investigating.
UVA Engineering was tapped in 2018 to spearhead the $29.7 million Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory to remove a roadblock caused by outdated computing architecture.
The National Institutes of Health awarded UVA $146.3 million in fiscal year 2019, up $25 million in a single year.
An important pediatric cancer drug is in critically short supply, leading to difficult decisions for health care professionals. Math models being developed at UVA aim to ease the allocation process in times of drug shortages.
Kindness is generally accepted as a sought-after characteristic in romantic partners. However, new research from Lalin Anik suggests that we are most drawn to those who single us out for special treatment – and might compromise on traits like general kindness to get it.
Psychology professor James Coan says most of the time, holding hands with a friend, romantic partner, parent or child is literally good for your health.
PositiveLinks creates an intimate relationship between patients and their care-givers that is proven to keep HIV patients in treatment, thereby improving their own health and squelching transmission of the disease.
UVA researchers have determined that some medulloblastoma tumor cells actually turn into another type of cell altogether, rising the possibility that doctors could intervene to stop the disease – and possibly other cancers.