Researchers at the Cooper Center’s Center for Survey Research found a 22.3 percent food insecurity rate in Louisa County – nearly twice the projected national average – helping a local food pantry become more effective. more >
It is sometimes necessary to restrict blood flow after injury or during surgery, but restoring circulation can also cause injury to blood-deprived muscles and nerves. Zhen Yan is seeking ways to prevent that, and exercise could be key. more >
Fourteen UVA faculty mentors participate in the Beckman Scholars Program, which funds 15 months of student research for two undergraduates a year. more >
Anne Verbiscer, a project scientist for NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft, helped select the space object Ultima Thule for the New Year’s Day flyby. more >
UVA’s Global Infectious Diseases Institute is funding cross-disciplinary approaches to address health problems around the globe. more >
The discovery puts a spotlight on the body’s “garbage collection” process, which clears about 200 billion cells each day in healthy adults. more >
A glowing substance discovered in a lab during basic experiments has led to developments that may change the way clinicians treat chronic wounds, especially those suffered by diabetes patients. more >
There is a vaccine to prevent HPV, but not everyone has access to it, and some have objections. With a pressing need for new treatments, UVA researchers have identified a promising new target. more >