A psychology study analyzed nearly 200,000 text messages from people who had previously tried to kill themselves and found that rising anger and diminished positive emotion in their communications coincided with attempted suicide.
Hamilton Lombard, a researcher at UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, says the number of people in the state who telecommute has exploded over the last decade.
It would be the first treatment for the “dry” form of age-related macular degeneration and could significantly improve treatment for the “wet” form.
In her new history of the Union’s war against the Confederacy, historian Elizabeth Varon offers new insight into why the two sides fought.
UVA professor Robert Berry offers advice for parents whose children get easily frustrated by math – or just don’t seem that excited about it.
In the first of a two-part series, UVA professor Robert Berry discusses the state of math at the early childhood and elementary school levels, the national policy issues that influence how children are taught and how we can improve.
You can’t just whack people on the heads to see what happens, so Matthew Panzer and his team are developing computer models to understand how the brain deforms under impact, working with the military, the NFL, auto manufacturers and more.
What does the largest national drop in cancer death rates look like in Virginia and at UVA? Dr. Thomas Loughran Jr., director of the UVA Cancer Center, discusses the treatment strategies that are paying off.