A team of scientists led by two UVA researchers found that one side of the colon ages faster than the other, but which side ages first differs between people of African and European descent.
A UVA physician’s software that monitors patients to predict clinical problems is helping COVID patients.
Graduate student Hyunglok Kim is using a Horton hydrology grant to link satellite network data to measure soil moisture and predict natural disasters.
UVA Engineering researchers have developed a unique concept to protect our digital world.
An environmental scientist at UVA is looking for geological clues from the distant past to better understand how quickly arctic ice is melting and what that could mean for the future of our coastal communities.
A team of faculty and students from the School of Education and Human Development worked with practicing educators to launch a new online resource hub, “Educating for Democracy.”
The study, released this week by UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, details the ways Virginia’s goal to eliminate carbon emissions by 2050 is achievable, affordable and can be a net benefit to the state’s economy.
With a new research fellowship, education professor Jamie Jirout will expand her research on how teachers and parents can encourage curiosity and spark interest in learning.