Organizers are urging members of the public to participate in a survey quickly so that community leaders can hear their concerns and adjust policies to take into account how people in the region are coping.
UVA media studies associate professor Christopher Ali believes the assumption that most people have access to the internet can have disastrous consequences, especially during a crisis.
COVID-19 rages. UVA researchers are leading a project to mitigate such pandemics.
Boosted by a philanthropic gift, UVA Health hopes to soon be able to ramp up its testing capacity to more than 500 tests per day.
Two years ago, Noah Myung and his team designed a global pandemic simulation competition for students at 15 universities that is eerily similar to what is happening now.
Historian Christian McMillen compares the COVID-19 outbreak to previous pandemics, and offers a few lessons from the past.
Researchers warn that scientists must not overlook children’s health needs and their role in transmitting the new coronavirus.
The study offers promising insight into improving care for children with autism, a population that has increased consistently over the last decade.