In “The Cigarette: A Political History,” historian Sarah Milov examines post-World War II federal protectionism, the anti-smoking movement and the politics of the tobacco in the 20th century.
A new UVA Nursing study found that a significant association exists between the presence of palliative care and nurses’ levels of “moral distress,” a driving factor in nursing burnout and professional attrition.
UVA researchers found that a type of cell believed beneficial in MS was part of the problem, offering a new treatment target.
“Differentiated instruction” counters the prevalent system of placing similar students on “tracks” or “levels.” In fact, Tomlinson argues, there are no such thing as “similar students.”
Psychology professor Daniel Willingham said it’s one thing for parents to give each other the side-eye when their child is having a meltdown. It’s quite another to share that for public mockery.
Early lab results show that ZB131 could reduce growth and even kill multiple types of cancer cells, including ovarian, pancreatic, lung and colorectal. The new funding will go toward manufacturing and testing the drug in human clinical trials.
The University has grown its research funding base more than 32% in five years as it expands the diversity of its research programs and widens the range of sources.
Scholars, creators and scientists have joined together for the future of coastal areas.