Biomedical engineering professor Jason Papin and his research team are developing computer models that can predict cells’ behavior, giving us important information about how infections spread, how antibiotic resistance grows and more.
The bioethicist and anthropologist believes community-building tactics – like those used in Canada and Europe – can help opioid users in the U.S.
Too often, the challenges facing rural adolescents are overlooked. The Curry School is changing that by launching a series of new initiatives to address issues related to mental and behavioral health in rural schools.
One in an occasional series about the findings of the President’s Commissions on Slavery and on the University in the Age of Segregation. This installment examines the medical breakthroughs advanced by UVA alumnus Walter Reed.
Though scientists have studied fertilization for more than a century, there are still new frontiers to explore. This discovery opens up possible new avenues for both fertility and contraception.
Kathryn Crespin and Qian Cai, researchers at UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, wanted to see if the common perception that Northern Virginia drives population growth within the commonwealth was true.
With the goal of creating a mobile app to help care-givers with cancer pain treatment in Nepal, UVA nursing professor Virginia LeBaron conducted a survey to measure medical providers’ practices.
The $3,000 awards recognize top research, plus mentorship, collaboration and public impact. But hurry – nominations are due Dec. 2.