UVA researchers were part of groundbreaking work identifying 400 million genetic variants, of which more than 78% had never been described.
The research, with an average follow up of nearly five years, suggests that stem cell transplants offer long-term benefits for young patients who receive cutting-edge immunotherapy.
The international team, led by a UVA School of Medicine professor, outlined a strategy to facilitate the creation of medications, vaccines and treatments.
The new guidelines are focused on Americans at higher risk because of their history of smoking, which is the leading cause of lung cancer.
True to institutional form, a last-second surge pushed UVA to victory in STAT Madness’ Elite Eight. But with voting already underway, UVA is trailing in its national semifinal matchup.
The nationwide study will test if the Moderna vaccine prevents infection and spread of COVID-19 among college students. Approximately 600 UVA student volunteers can enroll.
As the U.S. renews its commitment to the Paris Agreement, UVA’s Environmental Resilience Institute is stepping up to play a leading role in addressing a crisis of global proportions.
Their innovative approach to vaccine development could lead to a vaccine protecting against many coronaviruses, including existing and future strains of COVID-19.