Faculty members and students are participating today and Saturday in panel discussions and workshops centered on science and communication involving resilience. more >
The discovery also may help doctors predict and assess patients’ responses to new immunotherapy treatments. more >
An institute founded as part of the University’s Cornerstone Plan brings together faculty from a range of disciplines to tackle complex problems involving the brain. more >
Several published research papers from a UVA researcher highlight how deeply painful being ignored can be. The work also shows that even the slightest acknowledgment can make people feel better about themselves. more >
UVA’s Youth-Nex research center is taking the lead in a multi-year effort to wholly reimagine and remake what middle school can be. more >
Technology developed by chemistry professor Brooks Pate is being used by the pharmaceutical industry – and now by local distilleries. more >
Michael Wiener is developing a new, potentially revolutionary approach to mapping the submicroscopic world. more >
As it turns out, not all brain cells are genetically alike, UVA researchers have found. more >