The “contactless” trial is based on research by UVA’s Alban Gaultier and a former graduate student, Dorian A Rosen.
Build stronger relationships with the teens and pre-teens in your life by understanding these four underlying developmental needs that drive adolescent behavior.
The treatment may benefit patients with symptoms that are more severe on one side of body.
With the craze over the Peloton stationary bike showing no signs of slowing down, UVA Today turns to engineering professor and avid cyclist Gavin Garner to see what all the hullabaloo is about.
UVA Engineering assistant professor Liheng Cai is designing a new rubber that is 1,000 times softer than a tire, but as tough as metal.
Nursing professor Lee Ann Johnson studies the stigma associated with a lung cancer diagnosis, and how it often prevents these patients from seeking relief through palliative care. Her interest is deeply personal.
Researcher Daniel Cox said his program’s approach defies conventionality in that it doesn’t insist on weight loss.
A recent discovery from a team led by two UVA researchers could eliminate a significant obstacle to making solar energy work on a large scale.