Research by UVA historians has explored issues of wide scope, both in time and distance, from the law across an ocean to the aftermath of the Civil War to Eisenhower’s impact on the country. more >
Is the overproduction of “greenhouse gases” endangering the planet, as the EPA concluded in 2009? A new study reaffirms – and expands on – the risks. more >
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Among the many questions pondered: Is it just to execute someone for a crime that they have no memory of committing? more >
The Eastern Shore-based project measures long-term changes to the environment, informing the decision-making of policymakers and society for conserving, protecting and managing the ecosystem for greater resilience. more >
The Curry School’s Stephanie Wormington shares how learners of all ages can get past “I’m just not good at that” and unleash their potential. more >
The election of Craig H. Benson, Douglas W. DeSimone, Wladek Minor, Brian A. Nosek and Lukas K. Tamm brings to 38 the number of UVA faculty members who are fellows of one of the world’s leading scientific organizations. more >
By questioning accepted scientific belief, School of Medicine researchers have discovered that these strange cells are even stranger than previously realized. more >