The results definitively showed that three commonly used drugs were about equally effective at stopping potentially deadly seizures when the default choice proved unable to do so.
Chemical engineering professor Bryan Berger and his lab are researching environmentally friendly methods to remove toxic chemicals from water and soil.
The neurobiologist says the key to beating Alzheimer’s might be preventing it before symptoms start.
What kind of access do economically disadvantaged people have to good schooling? Spencer Shanholtz, a researcher at UVA’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service, conducted a study to find out.
Economist and public policy professor Christopher J. Ruhm is concerned that an almost exclusive focus on opioid deaths is diverting attention from the rising death toll from non-opioids.
Daphna Bassok has seen firsthand the benefits of quality early childhood education. Now she’s working to make sure more children receive those opportunities.
UVA chemical engineer Matt Lazzara has convened a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional team to design combination therapy for pancreatic cancer.
Biomedical engineering professor Jason Papin and his research team are developing computer models that can predict cells’ behavior, giving us important information about how infections spread, how antibiotic resistance grows and more.