Similar gene discoveries have led to targeted treatments for other cancers. Scientists say the discovery could be the Achilles’ heel of one of the deadliest cancers out there.
If the novel coronavirus lays you low, she is among the doctors you would want to greet you in the ICU.
In the study, only 1.9% of uninfected household contacts who took a single dose of the drug came down with the flu.
A nursing professor studying the effects of a virtual exercise and education pilot program she developed for rural heart failure patients finds that Zoom helps build community.
UVA’s powerful electron microscope unveiled the intricate manufacturing process of Earth’s most abundant polymer.
An early fascination with American jazz music, and the discovery of a Jewish equivalent in Europe, sparked a career in the growing field of Jewish studies.
A UVA pilot study found that administering blood platelets faster posed no complications, which means kids with cancer can spend less time hooked to IV poles.
UVA Engineering faculty members are leading a $3.2 million, multi-university study that could one day lead to better treatments for cystic fibrosis.