UVA’s College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and International Studies Office are teaming with iXperience, a global education company, to offer undergrads a unique combination of education and practical experience in South Africa, Germany and Portugal. more >
Fourth-year student Victor Rodriguez created “WaBu.” which he believes bridges gaps between UVA students who don’t know anybody when they first arrive on Grounds. more >
Kayla Spigelman’s passion for fighting food waste and hunger blossomed when she was a girl and collected canned food instead of candy at Halloween. She brought that passion to UVA in a new way. more >
“Tutoring Writing Across Cultures” goes deeper than rules of grammar. It encourages students to understand the people they are tutoring and take into account their native writing styles. more >
UVA engineering students turned to local elementary students to test their educational game designs, giving them real-world experience in customer satisfaction. more >
This year, student volunteers with the Holiday Sharing program assisted 132 families, thanks to gifts and donations from hundreds of sponsors on Grounds and in the community. more >
First-year student Wescott Lowe put her skills to the test as she recreated UVA’s Rotunda on her Etch A Sketch. more >
Four QuestBridge Scholars offer insight to fellow high-achieving, low-income students who plan to apply to UVA. more