The applicant pool jumped 38% in the second year of UVA’s early decision cycle, which is binding. Students took to social media, using the hashtag #UVA25 to celebrate.
UVA also ranked the highest among Virginia schools, based on survey responses from 20,000 students enrolled at 55 colleges.
Alhassan, a first-generation college student and 2020 graduate, looks back on her time at UVA after coming to Grounds when she was only 16. She hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon.
Jenna Wichterman, a 2019 graduate, will take her interests in international relations and conflict resolution to study at Tsinghua University in Beijing.
UVA students and their peers at Belgium’s Ghent University engaged in deep discussions about resilience through photography.
Meet Khalif Audian-El, a third-year student who started out studying engineering, but quickly found his passion in African American and African studies and politics.
Roneil Jackson built an entire network to make small-scale donations to help people’s lives, and he thinks more people should do the same.
The young alumni honored have started companies, created alternatives to harmful pesticides, identified brain cells that influence psychiatric disorders, and represented tennis stars and NFL quarterbacks.