Award-Winning Teachers Cultivate Curiosity, Change Hearts and Minds

April 28, 2011 — The University of Virginia honored 20 award-winning teachers at a banquet Wednesday night in the Rotunda Dome Room.

Those honored come from all across the University. Some received endowed chairs or were recognized for their mentoring or teaching in study-abroad courses. Nine were named All-University Teaching Award winners. Three graduate teaching assistants also received awards.

"We are here to honor your excellent teaching and also your service as the protectors and inventors of the knowledge that passes from one generation to another," U.Va. President Teresa A. Sullivan said. "Teaching has an eternal effect. Those who learn from you in turn will teach others, and so on. Teaching weaves the generations into an historical fabric that connects us all."

The program brochure for the dinner included these descriptions and complimentary remarks from deans, colleagues and students.

— By Anne Bromley

Roseanne M. Ford, professor of chemical engineering

 Emily E. Scida, associate professor of Spanish

Yiorgos Allayannis, professor of business administration

John W. Nemec, assistant professor of religious studies

Robert Q. Berry III, associate professor of curriculum, instruction and special education

Natasha Z. Foutz, assistant professor of commerce

Graeme C. Gerrans, professor of chemistry

Risa L. Goluboff, Caddell & Chapman Professor of Law and professor of history

David Kittlesen, lecturer of biology, director of Biology Summer Session

Gustavo Pellon, associate professor of Spanish

Matthew A. Reidenbach, assistant professor of environmental sciences

Dr. Linda Waggoner-Fountain, associate professor of pediatrics

Daniel T. Willingham, professor of psychology

Dr. David R. Burt, assistant professor of emergency medicine

Mark Thomas, professor of history and economics

Claire R. Cronmiller, professor of biology

Dr. Susan M. Pollart, associate professor of family medicine

Dr. Paris Butler, fourth-year resident in general surgery

Rachel L. Beaton, astronomy

Daria R. Okugawa, drama

Samantha L. Tornello, psychology

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