Condensing a Memorable Year Into Just Three Minutes

Text reads: 2015 -2016 year in review

Were you at the University of Virginia through this past academic year? If so, you experienced a lot.

It’s impossible to capture every event in one video. But in just three minutes, Third-Year Class Council President Malcolm Stewart narrates some of the highlights you’re sure to remember forever. You may even see yourself in some of the footage.

Stewart takes you to Trick-or-Treat on the Lawn, shows you otherwise-dignified Wahoos acting like little kids in 14 inches of snow and reveals a spot in the Rotunda that had lain hidden for generations.

You’ll see breathtaking buckets in the John Paul Jones Arena, several hundred ’Hoos in uniform taking Manhattan and two recent graduates thrown into the “Shark Tank.”

You’ll be there when a certain rock star makes his return. And you’ll have a chance to give a shout-out to two national champions, one Rhodes Scholar and a basketball team turning in its best performance in 20 years.

It was quite a year. Take three minutes to celebrate it.

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