Construction Updates

New Cabell Hall's South Entrance to Close for Construction
May 28, 2009 — The three south entrance to the ground floor of the University of Virginia's New Cabell Hall will be closed as workers connect the building to the new terrace crossing Jefferson Park Avenue to the South Lawn.

The east and west entrances to the first floor will remain open and signs will redirect pedestrian traffic.

The work will remove and replace the entire south entry stairs and landing. This will include removing the brick and stone capping from the existing stairs and landing, and performing limited excavation work at the base of the stairs. The project will be noisy at times, though efforts will be made to minimize disruption.

The work will extend through the spring of 2010. 

Terrace Steel Finished as U.Va.'s South Lawn Nears 45 Percent Completion

October 20, 2008 — Workers have finished the structural steel for the terrace connecting the South Lawn Project with the University of Virginia Grounds over Jefferson Park Avenue.

The entire South Lawn Project is about 45 percent done.

The primary roofing on both buildings is completed, as is the pre-cast concrete on the north building. About 25 percent of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning is finished, while about 85 percent of the south building masonry block and 65 percent of the north building are done.

A second set of concrete stairs for the bus stop on JPA is being installed, as are the concrete slabs for the terrace spanning JPA.

The project continues to be on schedule and within budget. It's slated for completion in 2010.

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Foundation Work Beginning on Curry School's Bavaro Hall

August 12, 2008 — Bavaro Hall, which is being constructed as an addition to the Curry School of Education's Ruffner Hall on Emmet Street, is about 7 percent complete.

Drilling for the foundation will start next week, with shoring and excavation work continuing through mid-October. The support piers will be installed during October, with the structural concrete and foundations slated for November installation.

The utility work near the loading dock continues and the sidewalk along Emmet Street should be completed by next week, leaving only a section of sidewalk near the entrance to the old Dell parking lot to be repaired.

The $37.4 million building is scheduled for completion in April 2010.

 Construction Update: South Lawn Project

July 17, 2008 — Construction on the University of Virginia's South Lawn Project is approximately 30 percent complete, according to the latest report from the project director.

The $105 million project, which will provide more than 116,000 square feet of space for the College of Arts & Sciences, is on schedule for its 2010 opening, on budget, and with no significant accidents or injuries, James Kelley of U.Va.'s Facilities Management division said.

Immediately ahead are constructing foundation walls for the north side terrace and the terrace crossing Jefferson Park Avenue.

Concrete slabs are being installed on the metal deck of the north building, and workers are erecting the pre-cast concrete wall panels for the South Building.

Structural steel for the North Building and concrete slabs on the metal deck for the South Building are completed. Excavation for underground water pipes is nearly done. Block masonry on the South Building is 10 percent complete.

Utility work adjacent to New Cabell Hall is almost complete, and footings are being installed for a new bus stop at the intersection of Hospital Drive and Jefferson Park Avenue.

Construction Update: South Lawn Project

June 11, 2008 — Construction on the University of Virginia's South Lawn Project is approximately 25 percent complete. The structural steel is in place at the south building and nearly finished at the north building. The utility installation near Old Cabell Hall and the concrete slab work on the south building are both 90 percent complete.

Workers are currently placing concrete slabs on the metal deck of the north building and completing the concrete slabs on the metal decks of the south building. Masonry installation on the south building has begun.

The underground utility work continues adjacent to New Cabell Hall and work will begin soon on the footings for the buttress foundations on the north side of Jefferson Park Avenue in anticipation of the terrace crossing work later this summer.

The project, slated for final completion in late 2010, continues to be on schedule and within budget.

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