Contractors Blasting Rock Underneath Alderman Road at U.Va. Starting Today

July 1, 2010  — Contractors at the University of Virginia will use underground blasting to remove rock from beneath Alderman Road starting today.

The rock is being removed to install a new utility tunnel to serve residence houses along the road.

Blasting will occur at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Alderman Road in front of Dunglison House. Contractors will drill into the rock, insert the charges and cover the area with blasting mats. Following the detonation, pieces of rock and debris may be removed. People near the work area may hear muffled noises and feel vibrations due to the work.

The contractor will maintain a safe perimeter around the blast site. Alderman Road is closed to vehicle traffic in this area and contractors will close the area to pedestrian traffic during the blast times. The charges are being set at a time when the residence halls are empty. Fire marshals and fire trucks will be on scene during the detonation. The contractor will indicate the start of the demolition procedures with three short
horn tones. Once the detonation has been completed, there will be one short horn tone.

The blasting work is expected to continue on this schedule through Sunday. This work is weather-dependent.